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78 66% Dark Waters (2019) - Rated 23 May 2024
"The Bills (Camp and Pullman) give outrageously entertaining performances in a pretty perfect they-knew-and-they-did-it-anyway court drama. Expect nothing less from Haynes."
55 18% Ninja (2009) - Rated 04 May 2024
"In spite of really showing its low budget and being pretty poorly made, Ninja does, in fact, have Ninjas and Scott Adkins. You can't be too disappointed because we get throwing stars, swords, nunchucks, and a lot of kicks."
68 41% Falling in Love (1984) - Rated 01 May 2024
"A must watch due to the two leads, Falling in Love is better than its reputation. This is quite sad and pretty down-to-earth in a way that 80s romance movies were not. New York is in full frame and it is great to see these two walk around in it."
70 46% Places in the Heart (1984) - Rated 24 Apr 2024
"I really liked everything with Glover teaching Sally Field about cotton picking. They both are great. All the side plots are interesting but feel like they could have used significantly more screen time to matter. This is especially true when you consider how stacked the cast is. Oscar-bait but not in an offensive way."
85 87% The Zone of Interest (2023) - Rated 07 Apr 2024
"Glazer, once again, shows his master work with audio and visual aspects of a story. This time, he shows how banal evil can be. The juxtaposition here is pretty stunning. A difficult watch but masterfully crafted."
50 14% Freddy Got Fingered (2001) - Rated 18 Mar 2024
"I watched this on the Criterion Channel. We've come a long way."
70 46% Unlawful Entry (1992) - Rated 09 Feb 2024
"This all rests on Liotta's performance. It is unhinged and delightfully evil. Stowe is great in the scenes she gets with him, which are quite intense and unsettle. A solid entry into the suburban-couple-gets-stalked-and-ruined genre of the early 90s."
62 28% El Conde (2023) - Rated 31 Jan 2024
"Beautifully shot and with a great premise, Larrin's comment on Chilean politics of the 70s and 80s is a bit ethereal. Often both funny and brutal, the idea probably doesn't have enough juice to sustain a feature length film in a totally satisfying way. Still, I applaud the uniqueness of this."
62 28% Joe Kidd (1972) - Rated 21 Jan 2024
"While neither the best work from Eastwood or Sturges, there is a tight script from Elmore Leonard and a fun performance from a young Robert Duvall (though he still looks 55). John Saxon plays a Mexican, which is something, and then not a lot actually happens. It is all fine, if not a bit forgettable."
74 56% Little Odessa (1994) - Rated 17 Jan 2024
"James Gray's entry into the gritty NYC is great and made even greater by the cast. The older legends ground the out of control Roth in his silent menace. This is harsh and doesn't bring a catharsis that one may desire."