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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (2014-2015) TV Series

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
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In a Japanese jail sits 17-year-old Joutarou Kuujou: punk, fighter, delinquent...and possessed by a force beyond his control! Around the world, evil spirits are awakening: "Stands," monstrous invisible creatures which give their bearers incredible powers. To save his mother's life, Joutarou must tame his dark forces and travel around the world to Cairo, Egypt, where a hundred-year-old vampire thirsts for the blood of his family. (myanimelist.net)

Cast and Information

Created By: Hirohiko Araki

Directed By: Ken'ichi Suzuki, Naokatsu Tsuda

Written By: Yasuko Kobayashi, Hirohiko Araki

Starring: Unshô Ishizuka, Daisuke Ono, Kenta Miyake, Tôru Ohkawa, Daisuke Hirakawa, Fuminori Komatsu

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Horror, Animation

Franchise: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

AKAs: JoJo no Kimyo na Boken: Stardust Crusaders (Show all 5)

  • JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3
  • JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders - Egypt-hen
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Battle in Egypt

Country: Japan

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