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56 T2 The Congress (2013) - Sep 01, 2014
"basically a ratcheted-up, repetitive rehash of the emotional culmination of season 3 of Louie with a bunch of incongruous, delusional, and desperate self-aggrandizing Hollywood projections thrown in to distract from the vapid narrative ...and poor Wright for enduring this noble roasting for the wrong project (lending a clumsily apt irony to this half-baked meta- fare). the touted animation section is cool, but it is put to shame next to any other contemporary major animated feature."
78 T5 On the Waterfront (1954) - Aug 27, 2014
"excellent Brando, memorable framing"
79 T5 Her (2013) - Apr 20, 2014
86 T7 Election (1999) - Mar 15, 2014
60 T2 Nebraska (2013) - Mar 15, 2014
"lame duck acting that, regardless of intentionality, takes you out of the film more than it draws you in and contributes the overall droning, pointless nature of the unredeeming narrative. nothing creative or notable about the writing or cinematography either. Pros: Bob Odenkirk is in it."
61 T3 Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - Mar 15, 2014
"Not much fun to watch, not much of a deviation from the standard "bigot reformed through good deeds" formula, with a little corporate condemnation thrown in. there are better movies to watch if you've got a grudge against big pharma or want to see a homophobe humbled. "
83 T6 Ernest & Celestine (2012) - Mar 10, 2014
"wonderfully rendered animation, a living watercolor, with the mastery of expression, illustration, and creativity you'd expect from a French source."
84 T7 The Square (2013) - Mar 10, 2014
"Very solid review and relation of the Eqyptian Revolution. Not unbaised, but not naive either."
57 T2 The Other Guys (2010) - Mar 10, 2014
"horrible film that admittedly made me laugh sporadically, mostly because of the brilliant character depth that was stranded in an abysmal narrative."
68 T3 Beautiful Losers (2008) - Mar 10, 2014
"Not bad, as a review of a clique of artists from a certain time, but doesn't really get at a much deeper ethos for doing art than "it is my refuge" or "i have to" or "i like seeing people connect to my art". It'd be nice to see a documentary delve into *why* humans as artists find such refuge in these things."
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