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Member Since: Jul 28, 2018

Location: Netherlands

Bio: AKIRA is perfection
I'm a sucker for a gripping story
What are movie ratings anyways?
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47 14% Rashomon (1950) - Mar 09, 2019
"A chore to watch. By far this isn't Kurosawa's greatest, with a few shots that look alright, yet awfully slow pacing. My problem with this film is that I can't sympathize with any of the characters, the redemption of Shimura's character at the end felt forced. As a viewer it all felt a bit pointless. It starts as a dilemma love story, but it all twists into a 'what really happened' kind of story. Then it ends as neither of those two and leaves you with semi useful human insight. I don't buy it."
50 19% Enemy at the Gates (2001) - Mar 06, 2019
80 84% Sunset Blvd. (1950) - Mar 04, 2019
"Loved it. It kept me glued to the screen with all the great characters. Somewhat half expected more weird monkey stuff after the beginning but the eyes of Swanson definitely made up for that hunger for crazy."
40 8% The Matrix Revolutions (2003) - Feb 27, 2019
55 25% The Matrix Reloaded (2003) - Feb 27, 2019
40 8% In a Lonely Place (1950) - Feb 25, 2019
"Dull. I didn't like this that much. Even though plotwise it's fine, the story itself could have been much better executed. Characters are very one dimensional. A lot of character flaws are explained in the way of 'they've always been that way' instead of actually confronting them about it. That could have given the film more foothold and would have made a much more interesting experience. Guess I'm just not that much a fan of noir films, but this highlight stuck with me "flight 16 phonecall""
30 4% Scandal (1950) - Feb 24, 2019
"Weak. The pacing is very slow and there's no knowing who's the main character. Is this a story about Aoye or about Hiruta? Dialogue was repetitive and went on for too long."
60 32% The Phantom Menace Review (2009) - Feb 24, 2019
30 4% House by the River (1950) - Feb 23, 2019
"Bad! The story isn't engaging, and the bad acting doesn't help with that."