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Location: Germany

Bio: The reason I have so few bad (=rated less than, say, 50) movies in the list is that I try NOT TO WATCH anything worse.

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60 T1 Jurassic World (2015) - Jul 30, 2016
"Jurassic World has got to be the most spectacular Mercedes ad ever, full of action and glamorous lens flare shots. But its story & characters are underwhelming; even the naturally witty Chris Pratt seems pale in this soulless, superficial, ill-conceived clusterstomp. Plotholes are GAPING everywhere. It's basically a movie about a bunch of bumbling, conniving idiots mismanaging the most dangerous theme park on earth. I wouldn't entrust those guys with running a popsicle stand. Not with my money!"
88 T10 Ten (2002) - Jul 07, 2016
88 T10 Close-Up (1990) - Jul 07, 2016
"Blurs the lines between documentary and fiction and raises questions about truthfulness and the issue of performance in social interactions. Between the lines, this subdued film with an emotional finale offers intriguing insights into modern Iranian society."
65 T1 Terminator Genisys (2015) - Nov 27, 2015
70 T2 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - Oct 31, 2015
"I must be getting old. All this action without exposition or character background makes a meh movie for me."
81 T6 True Grit (1969) - Oct 18, 2015
81 T6 True Grit (2010) - Oct 17, 2015
"Outside of the excellent soundtrack this movie offers hardly anything which would make it stand out, especially against the background of the already competent original featuring John Wayne. Still: nice, with solid performances from Bridges and Steinfeld in particular."
72 T3 Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - Dec 06, 2014
"This pony plays its one trick to the hilt. However, above and beyond the video game logic of infinite trial-death-respawn it does not offer anything engaging or enlightening (personally, I kept waiting for a "there is no spoon" moment), and the backstory is just your generic evil alien invasion fare - even Starship Troopers did this better."
72 T3 Now You See Me (2013) - Jun 02, 2014
81 T6 Zero Dark Thirty (2012) - May 29, 2014