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Movie Buff - 315 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 14, 2009

Location: Ontario, Canada

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83 80% Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) - Apr 13, 2020
"Should be mandatory viewing for family court judges before they are called to the bench"
80 73% X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) - Apr 13, 2020
"7th movie in the series and easily the best one since #2, possibly the best so far. At the beginning, it seemed this was going to be Episode 6 of The Wolverine Show instead of an X-Men movie, it didn't head in that direction, but there were too many characters that got seconds of screen time with little introduction/reminder of who they were. While there were plot holes, they were very minor compared to the last few movies, The story also buys the writers a lot of room for plausible sequels."
65 27% Mystery Men (1999) - Apr 12, 2020
"I thought it was going to be way funnier. Hilarious premise, mediocre execution. Probably better suited to kids young enough to find it funny but old enough to get the humour."
73 53% McFarland, USA (2015) - Apr 04, 2020
"A story that's been told many times, but a nice story nonetheless."
70 42% Napoleon Dynamite (2004) - Apr 04, 2020
"I've been told for over 10 years that I would love this movie. It was OK; I'm glad I saw it, but hardly something memorable. I enjoyed the characters, but they seemed more suited to a TV show than a movie."
57 15% Deliverance (1972) - Mar 24, 2020
"This movie was supposed to be a thriller, but I just didn't feel very invested into the story as the viewer. Maybe I caught it on a bad day or something, it just didn't seem like one of the greatest movies of all time to me."
67 30% King Ralph (1991) - Mar 23, 2020
"Good for a few laughs"
72 50% The Big Lebowski (1998) - Mar 23, 2020
"It's a good movie, definitely worth watching. I don't understand why it's hyped as such a classic though. Maybe I'm missing something"
88 87% Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2 (2017) - Mar 23, 2020
"Almost as good as the original, but not quite. The storyline in this movie almost guarantees there will not be a 3rd, which was extremely disappointing."
70 42% The A-Team (2010) - Mar 23, 2020
"I probably would have liked it more if I had some familiarity with the original and/or the TV Series There seemed to be a bit of expectation that I knew the characters mannerisms beforehand"