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Member Since: Mar 14, 2009

Location: Ontario, Canada

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70 42% Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Jan 22, 2020
85 82% Good Burger (1997) - Jan 21, 2020
"Crappy movie...sort of. It gets high marks because if played to its target audience (kids 6-10 years old), I think it's an instant hit. As an adult, it was lame. A lot of dad type jokes."
70 42% The Central Park Five (2012) - Jan 19, 2020
"If you want to know the story, this movie seems to tell it. The only thing it glosses over is that the 5 young men actually DID commit crimes, just not what they were accused of,"
50 10% The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - Jan 19, 2020
"If you're wondering whether to go for the experience, don't let this review stop you. I've never been, but it looks like it could be fun. If you want to lie back on the couch and watch a good movie, don't waste your time. The music is pretty good, if that's your thing, but it's just not a good movie. I can understand how the subculture continues to thrive, but I don't understand how it was born - this movie is THAT bad."
58 17% Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) - Jan 10, 2020
"I feel like a movie this iconic should have resonated with me mire, but there was just nothing I really enjoyed here. The special effects seem great for the 70s, but that doesn't really bear much weight with me. Maybe I missed something here. The best thing to me was the the characters were real. Even the character who went erratic behaved in a plausible way as the story unfolded"
70 42% Faster (2010) - Jan 06, 2020
58 17% Monster's Ball (2001) - Jan 06, 2020
"There are aspects of this movie that make you think this is one of the better movies out there. For me, it was the very clear depth written into each character. The movie however is slow-paced, and doesn't really have much going on outside of the written synopsis. The male lead character is established early to be racist and then never is again, not even a little. It just seems like they could have portrayed what they built a little better here."
79 69% Superbad (2007) - Jan 04, 2020
"5 bonus points for the end credits"
70 42% Tower Heist (2011) - Jan 04, 2020
86 84% Murder by Death (1976) - Dec 29, 2019
"This movie does to mysteries what Scary Movie did to horrors, but 25 years earlier. The consequence of this is that to fully appreciate the humour, you need to be familiar with the genre. It's still extremely humourous, and I don't think I've ever laughed at a movie this old, as much as I did. I usually find older comedies a waste of my time. I really appreciated the final act"