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Member Since: Nov 26, 2010

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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80 88% Angelyne (2022) - Jul 02, 2022
"I was hooked from the first episode and unlike seemingly every show, it never dragged through the entire mini-series. It felt very authentic and shot like a documentary much of the time. The central mysteries (how did she get all those expensive billboards? and who is this woman?) were satisfyingly revealed and was entertainingly told. My favourite new show of 2022!"
60 68% The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel (2020) - Jul 01, 2022
"The original documentary was pretty mind-blowing, this one is more of a distillation of protest movements of recent years, and nothing much new if you've been keeping up with the news."
60 68% Elvis (2022) - Jun 30, 2022
"I thought Tom Hanks was poor and the movie isn't called "Colonel Tom Parker", it's called "Elvis", way too much of his character. Give Austin Butler his Oscar!"
20 11% Police Story 2 (1988) - Jun 27, 2022
"Instead of the insanely entertaining stunt film in the original, instead we get a standard and very boring cop show plot with a lot of explosions."
60 68% Killing Eve (2018) - Jun 27, 2022
"Jodie Comer's "Villanelle" is a hilariously entertaining character for the ages. It's like a much more farcical "Fargo" which became less interesting as it went along."
60 68% The Black Phone (2022) - Jun 25, 2022
"Enjoyable, quick little film based on a short story by Stephen King Jr. Honestly I'm just glad this wasn't blown up into an 8-hour mini-series like everything else seems to be these days."
80 88% Police Story (1985) - Jun 22, 2022
"Legendary Hong Kong stunt film, will have you constantly yelling "WHOA!" and "WOW!" To hell with safety measures!"
60 68% Father of the Bride (1991) - Jun 20, 2022
"Solid family film with a great dramatic performance by Steve Martin that successfully carries the picture."
60 68% Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road (2021) - Jun 17, 2022
"Good little look back at a legendary musician."
60 68% Gaslit (2022) - Jun 13, 2022
"And America lived happily ever after."