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76 83% The White Queen (2013) - Nov 12, 2019
"Historically kind of accurate. The main characters here are the women who were in medieval history only minor players. The facts needed to be adjusted in order to give them more importance than they actually had. Nonetheless the show is quite enjoyable and the War of the Roses is by definition the original Game of Thrones. Family relations, court gossip and intrigue are the main focus of the show. I recommend it to all history fans. Women might enjoy it more, but men should like it too."
78 84% Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Nov 03, 2019
"And when the AI finished its job and had nothing else to do, it got depressed. So beautiful concept. I loved the movie. We have interesting character dynamics, we have minor philosophical talks about a future race of AI. We also do have Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton with a bazooka. What's not to love? + point because, you could probably understand the movie even if you haven't seen anything else from the franchise. Great experience if you like action or sci-fi."
83 88% The Addams Family (1964) - Oct 20, 2019
"At first I only took a look out of curiosity, but what I've found was gold. All the best elements of the horror genre without the atmosphere being moody and truly dark! The Addams face the everyday problems of any other families while technically also being monsters, and they actually managed to present this in a family friendly way! I dare say it's a must watch for everyone who wants to relax a bit with something absolutely out of the ordinary. A truly entertaining show!"
65 58% Tolkien (2019) - Oct 10, 2019
"Truly emotional if you have a weakness for hero journeys, but fails to be spectacular.Tolkien's life isn't a very good material. The movie focuses on the spiritual journey Tolkien undertook in his youth that later inspired his works.This results in some weird time jumps which make the picture a bit incoherent. Also, as a Tolkien expert, I dare say there are a few questionable casting choices. Otherwise the atmosphere and the score are beautiful. I can recommend it to those interested in Tolkien."
38 13% Pi (1998) - Oct 05, 2019
"The movie is very similar to Requiem for a Dream with the very important difference that I do not buy the story at all. This particular road to hell is completely unrealistic and strained for me. If a guy is obsessed with mathematics and is interested in how the world works, he goes on to study physics. They don't get involved with strange mysticism. The story of the movie is a messy fantasy and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone."
58 40% Hercules Unchained (1959) - Sep 27, 2019
"I start to like this sword-and-sandal style. While the acting really misses a lot and they still needed two seperate story arcs to fill in the 90 minutes, I really like the mythical tone and the action scenes just amaze me a lot. Beautifully executed maneveurs all without the aid of CGI. It's impossible to not recognize the incredible talent that has been put into the sight. While I admit that the whole mish-mash isn't very spectacular, I definitely like it enough to continue the series."
72 76% FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) - Sep 26, 2019
48 24% Darkness Falls (2003) - Sep 22, 2019
"This one has no story whatsoever, surprisingly enough, it has charachters who interact with each other, but they don't really do anything after the first 40 minutes. They are just scared in a dark house and do random stuff. A few people die, others don't. That's all."
55 34% Hercules (1958) - Sep 19, 2019
"A quite entertaining mish mash of various greek myths. While the acting and the directing is really terrible, the script's charming mythical tone, the scenery and even the special effects make up for it quite much. You will enjoy it, if you have a weak spot for sword and sorcery and mythical stories."
82 87% Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Sep 01, 2019
"This is the single most depressing movie I have ever seen and I have been doing Dostoevsky before. Something that all characters had in common is that none of them had a strong person next to them who they could count on to help them and for me this was the greatest message in the movie. If you are reading this, please look around, and help someone have a bit better life. Talk to people who need it, so more of us can avoid the abyss."