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63 55% Rob Roy (1995) - Jun 23, 2019
"Basically the only thing that's historically accurate in this movie is the underlying conflict: A Scottish herder asks for money from a Duke and then he loses it. That's all. Almost nothing else that's depicted in this movie has actually happened. Even the main antagonist is a fictional character. That said, the movie is entertaining and the soundtrack is really beautiful; however the actual Rob Roy has led a quite interesting life anyway, so I fail to see why the movie makers had to change it."
56 36% Cat and Dog (1983) - Jun 22, 2019
"Well, if you have seen anything from Bud Spencer, you probably have a pretty good idea what this is about. The only novelty was that in this movie Bud was also a father and a husband. It was interesting to see the character in these roles. The picture might be good fun if you don't want to see anything serious."
60 45% Rain Man (1988) - Jun 22, 2019
48 24% Pretty Little Dead Girl (2016) - Jun 15, 2019
"A quite good and thrilling story with terrible over-dramatisation. Idealy a story starts with almost zero tension and slowly builds it up until the plot reaches its peak. This movie already starts with terribly much tension which is hard to understand at the beginning and later it cannot rise higher. Also, the mistery in the movie would have been an awesome twist, but there were so many clues in the first 15 minutes that it has just became boring to wait for the protagonist to catch up."
37 13% Psycho Beach Party (2000) - Jun 15, 2019
"It has a few entertaining moments. The movie is mainly focused on making a satire out of various sexual deviations while also presenting us with a thriller-like story. The characters aren't really flashed out, each one of them is defined by their particular insanity. The main character, who had multiple personalities and she kept changing between them at completely unpredictable times, was definitely the most entertaining part of the picture. Apart from her, there isn't much to see here."
72 76% Pinocchio (1940) - Jun 12, 2019
72 76% Incredibles 2 (2018) - May 23, 2019
64 57% Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - May 01, 2019
"The movie is entertaining, but the structure of the story is weird. They present us a completely believable and realistic love story - a very tragic one, but unfortunately that's how life goes most of the time - and after all this, they give us a fairy tale ending. So, why do you mix up children's tale with harsh reality? It's not working well. It's also a shame, because otherwise the movie has excellent writing and I could value it much more if it didn't have a fundamental flaw in its main plot"
79 85% Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Apr 27, 2019
"Marvel surprised me. I had my predictions for this one, but the movie went in a completeley different direction after only 20 minutes in the 3 hour long runtime! The picture is full of interesting turns and touching moments. It also makes a good job of incorporating the events of nearly every other past MCU picture. A truly amazing feat of storytelling which is worth seeing even if you have seen only a single title in the series."
73 79% Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - Apr 23, 2019
"Okay, so this is above an average Marvel movie, but I expected far more based on the hype which surrounds this picture. Still, Marvel shows its incredible writing skills. They actually managed to create a story with 20+ important characters and it didn't turn out to be a huge mess and every single character got well enough screen time and even lines. That was an incredible achievement. They deserve recognition just for that. Also this movie was a tragedy which is very new from Marvel."