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61 49% The Land Before Time (1988) - Aug 02, 2020
"The story of a classic quest told by dinosaurs. I have honestly expected the animation to be much more spectacular than it is, espcecialy with Spielberg in the credits. Dinos are done well enough, however there is almost no detail given to the environment and it is hard to see the true size of a creature when you don't have anything to compare it to. Overall I had good time watching it, but I couldn't really recommend it to anyone. No matter what you want to see, there is probably a better pick."
89 95% The Dragon Prince (2018) - Aug 02, 2020
"Easily the best fantasy show I've seen in the last 5 years. Fantasy nowadays has taken a way too serious turn in my opinion. The genre forgot to be joyful and a bit childish when it's necessary. That is how the genre works best. It is no wonder that the much needed remedy comes from a cartoon show, but nonetheless this is a must watch if you like the old classic take on the genre, which is: Not too serious, not too dark, but still telling a well written and epic fantasy story."
65 58% The Quiet Earth (1985) - Jul 14, 2020
"It was advertised to me as a movie where a man is completely isolated on Earth. This was true in the beginning, and the solitude of the protagonist was very emotional. The style of the movie however later changed dramatically and instead of the emotions of being alone on the planet, science fiction started to take reign and I felt that it was really unnecesary. I am not sure I'd want to watch again the second part of the movie, however the first hour was really good."
39 14% Dune (1984) - Jul 14, 2020
"I quit it after the first hour. The movie had a great intro, but I started to get lost in the events right after that. Key elements in the plot are not explained with due detail and there was just ever more question marks in my head. I've found myself heavily focusing on every detail so maybe things would get clearer, but unfortunately they haven't. I decided to read the book and come back later. Sadly, I must declare that this movie is definitely a terrible entry point to this world."
49 25% Space Force (2020) - Jul 13, 2020
"On the surface it lookes like a sci-fi comedy... in reality it's more like a sitcom and most of the characters aren't even involved in science at all, most of them have some kind of administrative work in the show and they have a bad opinion about the few actual scientists. Sadly I don't feel at all that the show handles its own topic well."
91 96% Ni No Kuni (2019) - Jul 13, 2020
"Surprising and charming. The story revolves around traveling back and forth between our own world and "another world". The duality between the two realities is very engaging. The drama kicks in as two best friends get to different interpretations on how the two worlds influence each other and while both of them want the best for everyone, they become bitter enemies essentially due to a philosophical difference. Must watch if you like animes or engaging children stories."
95 98% The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2014) - Jun 23, 2020
"The saddest story ever told... I mean, the ending is supposed to be happy, but I cried it through. It surprised me, my emotions just started flowing. It's a rare occasion."
50 27% Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018) - Apr 23, 2020
"Never have I seen animal characters animated so well. Unfortunately that's the best part of the movie, but I dare say that it's worth to watch it even for that, just really don't expect much else. The story has its good points, it kind of works, but it gets very weak by the end. Mowgli goes through a lot during the plot, but he doesn't learn anything, he merely takes revenge in a very long fight scene and then goes back to live the same way he used to. No character development at all."
52 31% The King (2019) - Apr 23, 2020
"Starts out as an intriguing coming of age story based on actual history, but by the end it becomes a disaster. The main problem of the plot is that aside from the King himself, there are no interesting characters at all. I have only realized in one of the last scenes that I have been mixing up two characters during the entire run of the movie and they have even been important! I guess you could watch it if you are interested in a costume movie, but even then there are far better choices."
62 52% Hannibal (2006) - Apr 23, 2020
"I have seen documentaries where there have been actual actors playing out certain scenes, but ultimately they remained a documentary. This one is the reverse. Essentially what we got is not a documentary, the movie is a dramatic depiction of Hannibal's life, but sometimes small moments are given much attention and the most climactic moments are just explained by a narrator. Hannibal's life is a great story. You can watch it if you are interested, but this movie doesn't give it justice."