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69 T5 Swiss Army Man (2016) - Apr 17, 2017
44 T3 Man of Steel (2013) - Apr 08, 2017
31 T2 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Apr 08, 2017
73 T7 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) - Apr 08, 2017
64 T5 Ms. 45 (1981) - Apr 08, 2017
54 T4 Doctor Strange (2016) - Mar 13, 2017
"Dr. Strange MD is just Ironman with magic. You'd think a movie about wizards fighting would be less boring but apparently they felt the need to do the whole "tear him down, build him up thing" chronologically. Add a boring villain who's name you've already forgotten before the end and it's less than stellar. With better writing, directing and editing this could've been a good film. The acting is fine, the effects are great and the final fight is hilarious. Oh well."
42 T3 The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) - Mar 13, 2017
"Even with an hour cut out this movie feels overlong, more like several episodes of a tv-series. The circus plot of the first half hour has no bearing on the rest of the film, i can only imagine what other filler it originally contained. Aside from obvious plotholes it also suffers from the same problem as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - everything would've played out almost the same way if the main character hadn't existed. And seriously, a midget submarine?"
33 T2 Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) - Mar 13, 2017
"Starts out great but eventually degrades into "Indiana Holmes and the Temple of the Laughably Dated Stereotypes". It also gets increasingly boring and nonsensical, right up to the sleep-inducing final fight."
95 T10 The Science of Sleep (2006) - Feb 05, 2017
"This is still one of my favourite films. It's a story about human frailty and how we cope with our weaknesses. The childish Stephane hides away in his fantasies. Stephanie fails to properly establish borders. Guy indulges in pathetic machismo to hide his loneliness, et cetera. Gondry again manages to amaze with CGI-free special effects, without distracting from the plot or acting. The greatest compliment i can give the film is that i can't think of any other one like it."
69 T5 Hugo (2011) - Feb 03, 2017
"Hugo was a bit of a disappointment to me. Butterfield mostly just stares at people with his digitally enhanced blue eyes. The lengthy storytelling by/about Méliès ruins the flow and pace as does Lee's pointless role. The most grating thing however is that we're supposed to feel most sorry for a formerly rich guy - instead of the disabled veteran or the child orphans. I sighed when i saw Cohen but bizarrely enough he's one of the highlights. Fewer accordeons and green lips would've helped too."