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29 12% Silent Hill (2006) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"By "horror", they mean "occasionally looks kind of creepy"."
96 90% Good Will Hunting (1997) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"Quite possibly the perfect cinematic drama -- no terminal diseases or dead animals thrown in to make the leads miserable, just compelling situations, sharp dialogue, and excellent acting. Robin Williams has the power to make you weep."
87 64% Panic Room (2002) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"I. Love. This. Movie. I love the absurd plot, the ham-fisted villains, Jodie Foster's swing-for-the-fences performance, Fincher's claustrophobic settings and long, winding shots, the whole thing. I'm trying to feign objectivity, as if we rated movies on a scale of how many times we've watched and loved them, this one would be an easy 140."
76 38% Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"Ethereal and disquieting."
50 20% The Punisher (2004) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"Objectively kind of bad, but it's a charming, gleefully nihilistic, admirably batshit revenge flick, so it's hard to actively hate."
77 44% Red Eye (2005) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"A trifle, yeah, but it's such a relentlessly entertaining trifle that it seems almost unfair to give it a mere passing grade. Superior entertainment."
95 87% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"The perfect denoument to the greatest comic-book cinema trilogy we've seen yet; if it's not as transcendent as "The Dark Knight", it still approaches perfection in performance and spectacle. The Joker may have gotten all the shine, but Tom Hardy's Bane is a thing of menacing beauty, and it's a film of deep emotional investments and high stakes."
88 68% Memento (2001) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"The chronology is novel, sure, but when you look at the merits of "Memento" sans gimmicks, it's still a crackerjack thriller with a sharp, winding script and terrific performance. The most essential thriller of the 2000s, maybe."
51 24% Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"Tough to really care about, but it's kind of fun, I suppose."
100 98% The Godfather (1972) - Rated 10 Nov 2014
"I mean, this is the essential American narrative, right? Is there any reason to go into detail about why "The Godfather" is perfect?"