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Bio: I am currently undergoing a "sweep" of my movie rankings. Now that I have a wider range of films I'll be reassigning their rankings. Please refer to my movie rankings by the numbers assigned to them, as opposed to their tiers. Happily, I haven't seen enough 'terrible' movies to balance out the percentages. My attempt is to relate the numbers to a five star system, with 100 being five stars (80 being 4 and 1/2, 60 being 4, etc.). I hope this helps! Thanks!

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100 95% Toy Story 3 (2010) - Rated 28 Aug 2010
"One of my FAVORITE films of ALL TIME! I cannot give high enough praise to this film. Funny, witty, sweet, smart, visually incredible... I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt... I cried... I didn't want it to end, and I want to see it again! The best praise I can think of is that I had unbelievably high expectations and it exceeded them. It managed to live up to Toy Story 1 and 2, at least as good, if not better (if that's possible). Truly a new favorite film!"
85 45% Extraordinary Measures (2010) - Rated 28 Aug 2010
"This would have been could as a movie, but knowing it is based on a true story made it truly amazing. The movie itself isn't anything ground-shaking, but I was blown away by what these people were willing to go through. Nice, connected script and well acted!"
80 30% Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) - Rated 28 Aug 2010
"I kept waiting for this movie to be stupid, and it never really was (okay, perhaps a few moments...). Overall, it's actually a sweet story and pretty funny. It could have had a little stronger ending, but for what it was, I really enjoyed it!"
95 79% How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - Rated 19 Apr 2010
"I LOVED this film! The story is so sweet and I adored our hero! Toothless we so great (totally reminded me of a cat)! And while some of the story was predictable, some of it totally surprised me! Great animation, great voices, and a fantastic story! A definite must see!!!"
70 15% My Life in Ruins (2009) - Rated 28 Mar 2010
"I had high hopes for this, being such a fan of Greek Wedding. Sadly, this did not live up to my expectations. The scenery is great. However, the acting was all a little flat for me (Dreyfuss excluded!) & the story was predictable. I love the premise, & the idea of an eclectic cast of characters is wonderful. But, I never felt the supporting characters' plots ever really developed, & I didn't feel that connected with any of the characters. That said, it was entertaining enough, just not great."
90 61% The Blind Side (2009) - Rated 28 Mar 2010
"A truly "uplifting" tale in which I genuinely felt up lifted (not the "uplifted" where you're balling your eyes out, but instead the smiling and with a sense that there is good in the world uplifted). Very well acted (way to go Sandra!) and a witty, sweet script. What I really loved was that this movie could have chosen to be dark and depressing, but that wasn't the focus at all. A great blend, and a great film!"
85 45% Alice in Wonderland (2010) - Rated 22 Mar 2010
"I can't say if this lived up to my expectations because I really wasn't sure what to expect. However I keep thinking of the story fondly & realized I was more invested in the characters and film than I realized when I was watching it. I really liked the new story-line and thought it was intriguing how everything looked just a little "unreal." There were things in the movie that didn't seem to always "fit" and sometimes lines were lost because of the accents. But, definitely an good movie!"
75 20% Up in the Air (2009) - Rated 21 Mar 2010
"To me the film felt like two movies. I enjoyed the first half of the movie quite a bit, and the second half was just so-so. The comedic bits about flying are hilarious, and Clooney's character's job provided an interesting anchor to weave the plot around. That said, I felt the movie did drag in a few places and I wanted a better thread between the first & second halves of the film. & while I was pleased the ending wasn't predictable, because of that I wanted more explanation than was there."
80 30% Adam (2009) - Rated 20 Mar 2010
"As my mom said, this is more of an "appreciation" movie than an "entertainment" movie. Even so, I was laughing numerous times and found myself fully involved. That said, there were things in the story I would have liked more explanation of. And, the ending left me a little unsatisfied. However, I cannot say enough good things about Dancy's performance! I adore this actor and I think this is just another perfect example of his diversity and believability!"
95 79% Avatar (2009) - Rated 25 Feb 2010
"Wow! The time flew by watching this film! It is: gorgeous, amazingly technological advancement, wonderful acting, lovely music and settings, and a really detailed story with great characters! I was totally engrossed and anxious to see what would happen. Sure, some of it was predictable and not too original, but enough of it was a surprise and unique to keep me utterly glued. It's a classic premise told in a wonderful new way. Definitely a must see, IMO!"