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Film Freak - 813 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 24, 2006

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Age: 44

Bio: Films: I don't watch as many movies as I used to, but when I do see something that strikes a chord, I make a note of it. I watch a lot more Japanese films these days and consume a diet of Marvel films, for better or worse. But I have heart!!! I hope....

Games: As a voracious consumer of games and its history, I will play anything and I buy too many games on Steam. I won't review anything I didn't finish though!

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49 37% Knowing (2009) - May 24, 2022
"Nicolas Cage is fun, and I liked how they followed through with the ending, but other than that it's not much to write home about. Will not hurt to watch, but you won't gain anything from it."
90 90% Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) - Jan 15, 2022
"A brilliant tribute to the legacy of Spider-Man films with a small nod to where it's going, it's a lot of fun to watch everything come back together, and it very nearly almost redeems a couple of not so good movies in the process! I really enjoyed it. Bonus points: seeing it in the cinema and hearing gasps from the audience when certain people appear."
60 50% Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - Jan 15, 2022
"This movie was enjoyable to a point. The action sequences were fun, Simo and Awkwafina were nicely goofy together, but this is the very first time I ever saw a Marvel film and though how completely, utterly Disney it was. It just reeked of it, down to the funny animal character. It's also Chinese Culture With American Characteristics, a thing that Hollywood can't avoid doing because reasons. But eh. It was more passable than a couple other 2021 Marvel films had been."
42 33% Eternals (2021) - Jan 15, 2022
"Eternals suffers from a huge problem in that it's trying to tell a story much bigger than one film is possible of achieving. Its lush visuals and fascinating mythology is completely and utterly betrayed by what else you see on screen. The dialogue is beyond awful, most of the actors are stiff and wooden, and a lot of what happens feels pointless. If it didn't exist in the MCU (of which references feel awkwardly shoehorned in), maybe it'd have more of a shot to tell the proper story, but alas."
38 27% Black Widow (2021) - Jul 09, 2021
"Quite possibly the most cookie cutter, rote Marvel film they have done yet. There are fun moments and setpieces, but other than Florence Pugh being great and David Harbour being funny, it's just cardboard and styrofoam. And what they did to Taskmaster was lame, but eh, whatever. It's just a flat, by the numbers experience. Now imagine the reaction if the pandemic hadn't hit...."
89 88% Get Out (2017) - Jun 24, 2021
71 63% Contagion (2011) - Jun 24, 2021
"So I watched this a few years back — as I write this we are in year two of an actual pandemic — and there were a lot of things I liked about it then and some of it actually does ring true in the real world. But other stuff is clearly Hollywood, and that stuff I did not like at all, and also in the After Times no longer has any way to be believable. But for the most part, how it's constructed, how most of the characters react, I thought was pretty good. It's a little hard to watch now, tho"
28 15% Blindness (2008) - Jun 24, 2021
"An unfortunately good cast tells a terrible story with a concept that could have worked if the entire movie hadn't been set in one location and wasn't so predictably dire. Some blind people got offended that the story said that society would break down into madness and you know what? They're right. Why does a few days after any weird event have to culminate in people rolling around in poop threatening to kill each other? Pretty stupid. But hey, like I said, good cast."
29 15% Extinction (2018) - Jun 24, 2021
"There are things about the movie I wanted to like, but the more I thought about it, the more I just got tired of the movie. The concept in theory is interesting but when they start getting into the hows and whys, I just didn't like any of it. It took me three years to finish the movie because I was so bored of what happened in it. I think inside the plot, there's an allegory there wanting to be told, but this wasn't the way to do it. Also Michael Pena is miscast."
40 30% Awake (2021) - Jun 24, 2021
"It was entertaining enough, but it's extremely predictable and really poorly paced. Like, society falls apart after one day, and by day six there are death cults. (Huh?) Characters are paper thin. Interesting things are alluded to, but never paid off. It's also very easy to figure out the plot device super early into the movie. It was nice to see Jennifer Jason Leigh I suppose. Bonus points for the little girl saying inappropriate things. It's more of an idea than a fully formed film."