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75 48% X-Men: First Class (2011) - 18 Jul 2011
"First Class was a comic book movie for people who like comic book movies and are already pretty familiar with the X-Men. It had dozens of characters, none of whom were very well developed, but all of whom had their respective power featured prominently at some point. It was fun to see the variety, because that's such a key element of the X-Men series, but as stated before, character development was lacking, and for an origin story, that's a mistake. Pretty good!"
60 23% Bridesmaids (2011) - 29 May 2011
"Maybe I'm not the target audience for this "galmance" version of The Hangover, but whether that's the case or not, I feel like the star of Bridesmaids, the magnificent Kristin Wiig, just isn't that versatile when it comes to acting, and she's the best this flick had to offer. She's a brilliant comedienne, and this movie had some true gut-busters, but the bottom line is there just wasn't any meat to the thing. Going from gag to gag became tiresome. Weak!"
70 37% Thor (2011) - 29 May 2011
"As a comic book super hero fan, I like the winks and nods toward the upcoming Avengers movie, and as with the previous Marvel Studio movies, the visuals are satisfyingly loyal to the source. Overall, however, this movie did little more than introduce a player for the main event. The weak dialog, crybaby bad guy, and poorly paced plot makes me think I would have been happier with a 30 minute short showcasing Thor whipping Mjolnir at monsters rather than this 2 hour romp. Meh!"
97 98% Inception (2010) - 26 Oct 2010
"Though troubled with occasional plot holes/plot loop-holes, Inception is a unique and engaging film. Having borrowed from a little bit of this and that (see Dreamscape), it treads no worn path too thoroughly. With a bevy of likeable characters ranging from Tom Hardy's cynical conman to a standout Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the slick and serious professional of DiCaprio's expert team, Inception is that rare gem that is better as a movie than is could be in any other medium. Awesome!"
90 89% Being John Malkovich (1999) - 11 Apr 2010
"Being John Malcovich defines surreal. It presents a wholly complete realm in which bizarre happenings don't confound and disturb people as they should. Rather, they are greedily exploited for personal means in an hilarious and unique, albeit often warped and dark manner. The cast, a powerful bunch, proves even better under the unnatractivizing makeup. Cameron Diaz, for example, proves she isn't just a pretty face, as se looks her worst but undeniably is at her acting best. Awesome!"
70 37% Waitress (2007) - 13 Jul 2008
"Waitress is unique in that it is an incredibly sad film, but the viewer is constantly distracted from that fact just as Keri Russel's character distracts herself from her own sadness. Much of the film is frustrating, because the small town problems don't seem like they would be so hard to deal with in reality, but fine acting and a fun recurring pie-inventing gimmick are sweet plot carriers. Above all, it's worth seeing for Andy Griffith's performance. Meh!"
50 17% Rambo (2008) - 23 Jun 2008
"Annoying CGI and some blatant disregard for the seriousness of war make Rambo an inconsiderate bloodbath. The film, which intended to highlight often forgotten, war-stricken hotspot, Burma, which just doesn't get the attention it deserves thanks to the middle east, tends to be very pro-war, even after starting in a we-want-to-help kind of way. It's screwy, and the action, when it actually begins, does not let up, constantly showing poorly animated exploding heads and gut shots. Crap!"
70 37% Contact (1997) - 23 Jun 2008
"Despite a couple excruciatingly boring and long-lasting sections of the film, the concept is fascinating and generally well presented. Meh!"
93 94% No Country for Old Men (2007) - 23 Jun 2008