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80 60% Spectre (2015) - 15 Nov 2015
"Daniel Craig's Bond has been something of a roller coaster with more downs for me than ups - which is a huge shame as I rate him as one of the better bonds. Thankfully, Spectre is moving towards the highs of Casino Royale, Great set pieces, strong acting with characters set in place for the Bond cannon. Stunning CGI which is both technically impressive and believable. The plot has more twists than a bowl of spaghetti and a real villain - what;s not to like. Worth watching"
79 53% Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) - 01 Feb 2014
"This suffers from relying on too many internal 'Star Trek Universe' references which if you're a trekkie (and I am) are there in abundance. The problem is it doesn't hang together with the existing films/tv series history. However, that said, Cumberbatch is icy, plenty of explosions and some humour - ok but not as good as the 2009 reboot."
42 16% Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story (2005) - 15 Jan 2014
"Stewie Griffin hasn't got the monopoly on near death experiences after having seen this !"
75 42% BearCity (2010) - 15 Jan 2014
"Quirky, furry, sharp and funny. Occasional lapses in the acting but the script is accurate and original. Some very funny moments as well as some saccharin mishaps. Overall quite engaging and largely believable characters and reasonably well acted."
46 19% Bad Boy Street (2012) - 07 Jan 2014
"Slow, poorly veiled light porn lacking in a meaningful plot. Interesting relationship between the French less and his female friend, far more believable than the main romance. Weak ending"
43 17% Sacrifices of the Heart (2007) - 07 Jan 2014
"Something of a missed opportunity. This film seeks to tackle two significant issues dementia and child abuse. Unfortunately the script manages these at a superficial level only. The casting is fine, the direction and pace too - but there just isn't enough substance and the ending just feels like they ran out of time or interest."
45 18% Shanghai Knights (2003) - 07 Jan 2014
"To say this was light, fluffy and lacking substance is an understatement. Unfunny, based on tired, lame stereotypes, no plot and no laughs. Unable to find its redeeming feature"
40 16% Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) - 07 Jan 2014
"Unfunny and slow paced alleged comedy. Very little in the way of plot and both Stiller and Vaughn do their schtick but without any effort of characterisation. We know it's a light comedy but this is so weak its really not worth watching."
15 2% Summer Catch (2001) - 07 Jan 2014
"I watched this whilst suffering food poisoning so may not have been my most objective. Coincidentally, the film has much the same result as cryptosporidium but acts more quickly."
84 73% Good Will Hunting (1997) - 06 Jan 2014
"Strong casting underpins this intense and driven story which always remains on the right side of sentimentality. An investigation of the possible responsibilities that come with being 'gifted'. Robin Williams is his least manic. The love story sub-plot is believable and well managed. A good all round film"