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50 38% The French Dispatch (2021) - 11 Nov 2021
"Oops, I missed my stop on the Wes Anderson train. I was supposed to get off two films ago."
100 90% Dune (2021) - 17 Sep 2021
"Villeneuve has put my review of Dune (1984) to shame - this story DOES translate well to film. More please."
50 38% Annabelle: Creation (2017) - 02 Sep 2021
"Solid, but my god these are some dumb kids. JUST STAY OUT OF THE CREEPY ROOM"
75 65% Free Guy (2021) - 18 Aug 2021
"Pretty much Tron, Ready Player One, The Truman Show and Ryan Reynolds thrown in a blender. The resulting quality might actually be the exact average of that of those four components."
75 65% A Quiet Place Part II (2021) - 17 Aug 2021
"Still great, just slightly less so than the first film. Mainly for two reasons: 1. Not enough John Krasinski which is understandable but I stand by my complaint 2. The plot at least in the last half goes in directions which really accentuate some of the holes that were always present in the premise - like yeah, why didn't they just go out to islands from the start? Millicent Simmonds steps up to carry the film even though she didn't have to (Emily Blunt was already doing it)."
75 65% The Suicide Squad (2021) - 08 Aug 2021
"Much better. This is quite a lot of dumb fun, a bit too much emphasis on dumb."
75 65% The Nun (2018) - 05 Aug 2021
"It's not particularly scary, but it's just camp enough for me to have a good time. This is like if The Da Vinci Code tried to be a horror film."
100 90% Nobody (2021) - 28 Jul 2021
"The film John Wick should have been. Just such a great time."
25 17% F9: The Fast Saga (2021) - 20 Jul 2021
"In which Vin Diesel is likened to Genghis Khan. I'm not even sure if Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson driving a car to space is the dumbest thing in this one."
50 38% Promising Young Woman (2020) - 21 Apr 2021
"Promising Film Premise, but the execution is messy, underdeveloped and a tonal headache. Some sequences are fantastic, but it's not cohesive. One example is the opening credits: Text in a retro, neon pixel-art 80s style set to a new cover version of It's Raining Men? God forbid you use the original version from the same era to fit the pixel art style you (for some reason) chose. Baffling. It feels like there are about three very different great movies hiding in this somewhat mediocre one."