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100 T10 Deadpool 2 (2018) - May 23, 2018
"More focused and overall better put together than the first film. Has humor, good characters, and most importantly heart. As usual, not everything works, but to be honest it's mostly on point. It ends up being pretty damn lovely. "
50 T5 Truth or Dare (2018) - May 11, 2018
"It's a really bad movie for sure, but I had a fair amount of fun. At least 10 actual laugh out loud moments - most unintentional, but some actually feel like genuine attempts at deadpan humor (which is probably giving this way too much credit, considering how dumb the rest of it is). Falls way short in originality and execution of challenges and death set pieces. Could have been pretty memorable if it went full Final Destination, but it's only about 10% there. I'll forget this within 3 months. "
50 T5 Askepop - The Movie (2003) - Apr 28, 2018
"On the one hand, it's garbage. Terrible concept and execution in virtually every single area. But it is enjoyable, half because it goes into so bad its good territory and half because there is some genuine humor there. Bizarre and blissfully short. "
75 T7 Loving Vincent (2017) - Apr 28, 2018
"It's a wonderful thing, but the story is like something out of a Heavy Rain-mission. That is to say - boring, unntural and hard to get invested in. The beautiful art is what sells the film. Most stunning in its movements and transitions, truly inspired interpretations of filmic elements in paint form."
100 T10 Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - Apr 26, 2018
"I gotta say, once again despite myself and my 3 year old Marvel fatigue, I really like the Avengers films. They consistently deliver solid entertainment, though not without their flaws. The major battle scenes are a bit much, but it was honestly pretty fearless in going places I thought it was too PG-13 to go - and Thanos is fantastic, a formidable and believable villain. The ending to this film could have been truly memorable if it had been cut about 5 minutes short. "
50 T5 Mountain (2017) - Apr 20, 2018
"Beautifully shot. Fantastic nature and incredible human achievement on display. That said, I found the film lacking in focus, and the narration (through no fault of Dafoe) was rambling, pompous and inconsequential - like they're trying to be Werner Herzog without the pathos. I'd definitely go higher with my score but for the previous two points. "
75 T7 The Death of Stalin (2017) - Apr 18, 2018
"Not completely hilarious or on target, but it does a very good job of balancing a bleak and disturbing plot with lighthearted farce - a masterclass in tone the likes of which I've rarely seen. An entertaining bit of history which given its presentation left me not really caring at all how much of it really happened. I'd give it a fairly strong recommendation, but it didn't blow me away. "
75 T7 Isle of Dogs (2018) - Apr 16, 2018
"A lot better than Fantastic Mr. Fox, but I gotta say I by far prefer Wes Anderson in live action. Something about his stop motion is just a little bit too much for my tastes. That said, this definitely has a lot of style and my issues with it were almost overlookable. It's actually stunning, but for the most part in still image form. "
100 T10 A Quiet Place (2018) - Apr 11, 2018
"John Krasinski, you beast, give me a second serving of this shit. This was one hell of a time. I even cried a little. Demonstrates what's already known: to get fully on board with a far-out premise (and overlook some plot inconsistencies) all you need is thoroughly excellent production. Nail hit directly on head✔ Killing it✔"
100 T10 Phantom Thread (2017) - Apr 09, 2018
"Absolutely too long - the first half of the film is virtually without any kind of driving force. I'm sure a lot of it could have been cut for a better pace. That said, as time goes on it gets better and better. It's a stylish, solid piece as usual by PTA and DDL is a joy to watch every time. "