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Cinema Addict - 2046 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 14, 2006

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75 65% Toy Story 4 (2019) - Sep 07, 2019
"The best parts of this are the new supporting toy characters. They're fantastic. I can't help but feel that the original toys have run their course, and that this could have been even better if the was more of a spin-off fully immersed in this new and strange toy world. It's still a good installment, and to be honest I'm just docking points for the audacity of releasing a Pixar film without a short. Those are what I look forward to the most! "
75 65% Blazing Saddles (1974) - Aug 30, 2019
"I'm not sure how well it has aged, but regardless it's actually way ahead of its time and Mel Brooks' best comedy. Incidentally, Mel Brooks also has the best performances in the film. "
75 65% Police Story (1985) - Aug 30, 2019
"Amazing stunt work, but what even is going on in this film? Bonkers and wonderful. "
75 65% Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Aug 25, 2019
"A step down. Spidey-standalones should be about the little things. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and the unfriendly neighborhood villains. This is at its best when it's about Peter struggling to be a teenager, and loses sight of itself when he has to set his main goals aside to save the world. And his heroics are a lot less clumsy than in the first film, which doesn't gel as well. The whole villain story here feels a bit out of place and on the nose. Zendaya is great. "
75 65% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Aug 18, 2019
"The past three Tarantino films have been so rock solid that I honestly forgot what it was like when he misses the mark. Indivudual scenes in this are fantastic, but it really suffers from having no clear focus or driving force, and it's all over the place way too much of the time. Brad Pitt carries the film for most of its length, and a few thoroughly memorable scenes does save it. Not a bad film at all, but I expect a lot more. "
100 90% Midsommar (2019) - Aug 06, 2019
"Film of the year so far for me. Beautiful and not even a little bit too long at 2.5 hours."
50 38% Stuber (2019) - Aug 02, 2019
"This is a weird film to be born to star in, but Bautista somehow pulls it off. He really does carry this and I wouldn't mind seeing much more of him in silly flicks like this. Stuber has some serious problems though, specifically a terrible booty call-related B-plot which pretty much killed it for me on its own. "
25 17% Hobbs and Shaw (2019) - Jul 31, 2019
"Gonna do something I rarely do and rate a film I didn't finish. I'm not sure it's absolute trash but I would honestly have preferred it being that. I can't find anything of substance to even talk about, good or bad. "
75 65% The Lion King (2019) - Jul 17, 2019
"There's as usual not a single thing that matters this does better than the original. It's extremely impressive visually, but pretty much everything else is at least just slightly less good. But let's be fair here - the original is a nearly insurmountably great animated classic, and this is not really that much worse. So it's a fine film. But you're still way better off with the 1994 Lion King, which you're reminded of constantly while watching this. "
25 17% Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Jun 03, 2019
"This is pretty much Battleship-grade garbage, so it feels kind of weird to care about this specifically, but: There's really not enough Mothra in this film. "