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Cinema Addict - 2068 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 14, 2006

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75 65% Cast Away (2000) - Feb 20, 2020
"Before watching it I wondered why this needed to be nearly 2,5 hours. Turns out it's because the movie goes on about for 40 minutes after it ends, so that'd do it. Cut everything but Tom Hanks on the island and you have a real winner. "
100 90% Parasite (2019) - Feb 05, 2020
"I felt like I needed more of the scheming before things started unraveling. The setting, plot and characters were just so completely enjoyable that I wanted to stay with it a lot longer. Minor complaints: A few of the catalysts that move the plot forward - particularly in the second half - are a bit half-baked. And the ending is at best superfluous."
100 90% Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Jan 23, 2020
"Not as funny as most of Waititis other films, but it has the biggest heart of them all. These kids could pretty much carry this entire thing on their own, Moonrise Kingdom-style. "
75 65% 1917 (2019) - Jan 22, 2020
"Technically flawless. I'm pretty sure it's the most well made film of the year. That doesn't mean it's the best movie, and other aspects of 1917 are mediocre - but I will credit it with quite a few all-around fantastic scenes sprinkled throughout. Could have used more fleshed out characters, although I do get the point being made. I feel like it might catch me on the second viewing, and at the same time I have absolutely no desire to ever see it again."
25 17% Dolittle (2020) - Jan 21, 2020
"Most of this is bad bad, but some of it is actually good bad. Notably: The terrible CGI and Robert Downey's ridiculous accent. Props to him, he went full ham - the only appropriate way to deal with the cards he was dealt. "
50 38% The Two Popes (2019) - Jan 16, 2020
"Hopkins and Pryce are great, and their dialog scenes sparkle. Absolutely everything else is a complete bore. You could honestly cut half this film, if not more."
50 38% Waterworld (1995) - Jan 13, 2020
"The world design is pretty great. The reliance on practical sets and effects alone is such a breath of fresh air 25 years later. The main problem is Costner's awful performance as one of the least likeable protagonists I've ever seen. It's impressively ambitious, but getting invested in this plot is a real effort. "
100 90% Good Will Hunting (1997) - Jan 12, 2020
"Fantastic script and performances. You could put on a cynical hat and point out a few flaws if you wanted, but I loved it."
75 65% The Rainmaker (1997) - Jan 12, 2020
"There's a lot of engaging stuff going on, it's just a bit too unfocused. With better editing I think this could have been a classic. Good cast. "
25 17% 21 Bridges (2019) - Jan 09, 2020
"This is a glimpse into the future, when feature films are written and directed by AI. If we're not there already. It's movie uncanny valley, where it looks like it's almost indistinguishable from a real movie but everything is just a little off and it's a bit disconcerting. 21 Bridges passes the time, but not well. "