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50 T5 Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Mar 19, 2017
"The script is complete garbage, seriously, terrible. Kong is essentially a B-movie with extremely high-value production which is always hilarious enough for me to have a good time - entertaining, but not on its own terms. Until the characters start speaking you may be convinced it's a good film - it certainly looks it."
100 T10 My Life as a Zucchini (2016) - Mar 19, 2017
"Great! Hey movies, check it out, you can actually just be as long as your story is and not pad your shit out to 90 minutes unnecessarily. An example to be followed."
100 T10 The Handmaiden (2016) - Mar 19, 2017
"I really don't like the structure of retelling a hustle several times from different perspectives to reveal what's actually going on. In general it just takes way too long and isn't very clever, if you "fool" me by not actually telling me what's going on that's just you not telling me the story. The twists are too cheap. Anyway, this is actually fantastic and the more I think about it the more I like it so whatever."
75 T7 Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Mar 19, 2017
"The Beauty and the Beast story has never really been done completely right. The setting is what really makes both this and the original, with great atmosphere, characters and music. But there's something about the character development that just isn't right. Anyway, the best live action Disney adaptation so far maybe."
75 T7 Patriots Day (2016) - Mar 19, 2017
"Surprisingly good, the quasi-documentary techniques work really well and it's actually a pretty nuanced take on something that could have every easily been gung-ho. That said, the buildup was pretty boring and at the very end I just wished it had been a documentary all along."
100 T10 Logan (2017) - Mar 19, 2017
"I really hope this is Hollywood being on a track. Even if this isn't part of a trend, Logan is a fantastic, brutal, raw, honest thing that punches you in the face. Loved it."
75 T7 La La Land (2016) - Feb 25, 2017
"The ending is terrific, but honestly I struggled with this film up until that point. Not all musicals are created equal, and I really don't think you should do Singin' in the Rain stuff and Whiplash stuff in the same film. It doesn't mesh. I get that it's a homage to musicals, but it should've picked a style. Wish I could've loved it, overall I feel it's just a few short steps away from masterpiece-level, but it does stumble and fail to get there."
50 T5 Jackie (2016) - Feb 22, 2017
"Alright but a bit of a bore. Jackie is honestly just the least interesting character in this story."
75 T7 Moonlight (2016) - Feb 10, 2017
"It's a really good film but for me the essence got lost in the three-part structure and frankly the hype. I liked different things about the different parts but I don't feel like they jelled or complimented each other perfectly. Overall for me it didn't pack the punch I feel the subject matter deserved. Found it a bit too subdued and somehow slightly too janky in its exposition. Honestly, the first act is the strongest and its downhill from there, leaving me slightly underwhelmed. Solid though."
75 T7 Moana (2016) - Feb 05, 2017
"The first act is fantastic. The animation, setting, and atmosphere is stunning. The actual voyage was a bit hit and miss for me, but for every time it falls through a bit the music brings it back to life two times over, coming very close to Princess and the Frog-quality. Disney's songwriters are actual geniuses, seriously."