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80 54% Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"Jim Carrey's comedies have a certain something to them - they're good fun, but they don't stay fresh after a lot of viewings. Ace Ventura was kind of his breakout performance, and it was a decent showcase of his style. It may not go down in history as his best film, but it will go down as one of his most notable characters."
81 64% Super Troopers (2002) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"In terms of laughs per minute on first viewing, I'd have to say Super Troopers is the best comedy I've seen to date. The plot itself feels like it loses a bit of momentum near the end when they realized, "Well, let's finish the story now" but it ties together well. The best way I can describe it is that it doesn't cater to one specific demographic - all comedy enthusiasts will enjoy it."
82 70% Beetlejuice (1988) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"Beetlejuice is a weird movie, and weird in a good way. It's a definitive example of Burton's kooky style, and its peculiar energy and compelling characters give it an allure. Michael Keaton manages to shine despite only being in the film for a sliver of its total runtime. If you don't enjoy Burton's repertoire, I get the feeling you just won't get Beetlejuice. It has a sort of 'I want more and have had enough at the same time' kind of nuance to it."
79 42% The Boondock Saints (1999) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"While I originally had a strong bias against this movie, I've been able to come back to it and enjoy it. It's a passable movie with a sort of 'Death Wish' vigilante justice vibe. The way the story moves forward, with the jump-to-crime-scene, and the reliving the action that unfolded there, keeps the pace from seeming too slow. It's nothing particularly memorable, but when compared to a lot of B-movie action, it's a head above."
79 42% Face/Off (1997) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"One of my 'ultimate white noise' trilogy films, Face/Off is a guilty pleasure of bad action movies. Most hard criticisms are 'ridiculous premise' and 'John Woo', which is understandable. I feel that as a character drama, it works well to show how a hero and a villain get to see the world from each other's eyes. Basically, if it hadn't been a John Woo movie, it might have been executed more successfully."
80 54% The Rock (1996) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"One of my 'Ultimate White Noise' trilogy films, the Rock is in my opinion on the side of Nic Cage's better films. The plot takes itself a little more seriously than other Michael Bay outings, and for that it has merit. The Sean Connery charisma and Ed Harris' talent are two saving graces of this film; without them, it would have been quickly forgotten. It's successful in that is fills the need for predictable action, the perfect popcorn flick."
74 26% Con Air (1997) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"A passable action movie, this film is one of three Nicolas Cage films I consider my 'ultimate white noise' trilogy. Nicolas Cage has had some gems and he's had some bombs, and this movie rides the fence between both extremes. I think what makes it enjoyable is the continuing sense of tension brought on by the close quarters of the setting. The acting is nothing of special acclaim; it's the dumb-action value of the movie that gives it replay value."
98 98% Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"Star Wars Episode IV is at the top of my Top 10 Movies of All Time list, effectively defining my passion for the genre. A wonderfully crafted blend of science-fiction and fantasy elements, this movie has so much character, more than can be praised in a short review. Strong characters, traditional FX, memorable everything. It's timelessness makes it a great movie and a milestone in cinema."
84 84% The Incredibles (2004) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"As a superhero enthusiast, this movie is fabulous. It succeeds where so many other superhero films don't. It's unique in that is doesn't start with a slow wade through the origins - it's puts us right in the action. The voice cast is nothing short of excellent, and the humor [as with many Pixar films] has just as many nods to the adult audience as to the kids. For me this film is a great example of solid story-telling, and has an endless replay value to it."
69 10% Spawn (1997) - Rated 11 Dec 2011
"While not a terrible movie, Spawn was a good idea on paper that didn't translate to good on screen. For senseless fun, it delivers, but the film has that definite 'this is a 90's movie' vibe. Regarding the special effects, this is a film that almost needed to wait about ten years to properly capture the dynamic visuals of Spawn's world - his mutating suit and cape, the Violator, the scenes with Malbolgia in hell. But beyond that, it's not terrible."