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85 T10 The Straight Story (1999) - Sep 18, 2007
"Nearly no other film has a comparable mood. I love the shot where the camera shows Straight slowly driving on a road with his lawn mower and then the camera pans to the side, shows clowds slowly drifting by and then pans back to show Straight just a few meters from his previous position. Great cinematography."
92 T10 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) - Sep 16, 2007
"Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece."
83 T10 Moon (2009) - Jan 24, 2010
"One of the best minimalistic sci-fi movies ever."
89 T10 Bicycle Thieves (1948) - Mar 19, 2009
"The ending is so sad, it really affects you. So does the rest of the movie."
94 T10 Kick-Ass (2010) - Apr 27, 2010
"This movie is freaking awesome. Coolest shit in 2010. I see some flaws which might prevent you loving it, but i don't care one bit about them."
88 T10 Metropolis (1927) - Sep 20, 2007
"I just watched the world premiere of the nearly complete version including the 16mm parts found 2008 in Buenos Aires. This movie was way ahead of it's time and has some important themes which are still valid today."
100 T10 Amélie (2001) - Mar 31, 2008
"Simply the best movie. So many nice details, so much flow, so sad, so charming, so heartwarming. It can't get any better. And the soundtrack is excellent."
86 T10 The White Ribbon (2009) - Nov 17, 2009
"Interesting movie with a slow pace and a pretty open ending (probably my least favorite part of this movie). Great atmosphere. Very good cinematography and actors."
88 T10 Volver (2006) - Sep 21, 2007
"Penélope Cruz is fantastic in this movie."