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40 28% Twister (1996) - Rated 09 Jul 2024
"she weren’t much a looker in her youth but she’s aged well enough. harmless goofy comfortable pap. they only advertised one twister and there’s like five or six of them, that’s a bargain. psh and paxton is a dream combo, miss both those fellows. I forgot I how much of a swollen hot boner I have for helen hunt."
85 75% Godzilla Minus One (2023) - Rated 09 Jul 2024
"I can’t believe I got teary eyed over a Godzilla movie. I know I’m getting older and my T levels are dropping but that wasn’t it. I had my T checked like a month ago and we’re flowing baby. Nah this movie just got me. My only taste of the Zilla outside of the OG was the America ones and man they’re offensively awful in comparison. Especially that Emmerich turd which is undoubtedly the worst film I’ve ever seen. kinda justified my Netflix subscription too, hadn’t used that ina while. Great filme"
90 85% Ripley (2024) - Rated 13 May 2024
"Pretty gay. Much gayer than Purple Noon but not as gay as Matt Damon. If we’re being honest it coulda used a bit more gay. The best adapt o’ the book so far (highsmith’s story is timeless, every gen will get a ripley and it’ll be good). Gorgeous looking. I did miss sexy jude and psh, how’s the peeping tommy. Scott is great but needed a little less visible creep so him harshin dickie’s vibe made sense . The characters being older worked, it made everything a little more pathetic and desperate."
69 46% Ronin (1998) - Rated 13 May 2024
"I may have missed it but did they ever tell us what the color of the boathouse at Hereford was?"
85 75% The Long Good Friday (1980) - Rated 05 Feb 2024
"Bob Hoskins is the sexiest balding hairy fat man of all time, he wasn’t the only one wet during that shower scene."
88 81% Hard Target (1993) - Rated 05 Feb 2024
"Who doesn’t want to run their fingers through JCVD’s juicy cajun sex mullet or bayou brimleys thick luscious moonshine sopped beard? This is the greatest film I’ve ever seen. Snake punching, spin kicks, double guns, explosions, archery, doves, a fiery Lance Henriksen, hands free motorcyclin’, the guy who played the mummy in The Mummy, smoking yancy butler both her looks and her voice. we never gave american john woo the respect he deserves. this masterpiece and then face off? he spoiled us."
55 37% Reacher (2022) - Rated 20 Jan 2024
"I never thought I’d say this about another man but I think Reacher got way too swole for season two. He looks about ten years older, his face is puffy, I was afraid his heart would explode anytime he shook that juicy physique around. Of course I wouldn’t mind getting lost forever in his immense and terrible flesh but I still say he was uncomfortably big. Hopefully he turns down the gas a bit for season three. This show is absolute trash and I’ll happily watch the next thirty five seasons of it"
50 34% The Next Three Days (2010) - Rated 17 Jan 2024
"I’m pretty okay with implausibility, even a heaping spoonful like why would thin-ish russell crowe risk it at for Elizabeth Banks or how did Russell not just say forget the plan and plow that thirsty park mom? What I’m not okay with is tensionless implausibility where not for a moment did I feel like the stakes or lack there of would result in our “hero’s” capture/death, Oh they got to the zoo and picked up their boy without an issue! I’ve never made it through an airport as fast as they did."
75 55% Breakdown (1997) - Rated 12 Jan 2024
"as a native californian breakdown is exactly how I pictured the ol us of a between the coasts as a young boy: a miserable endless desert of chainless restaurants, denim shirts, jt walshs and mc gaineys. they don’t even have complete names! I’ve probably seen portions of this film about seventy times, the whole thing together all at once was quite neat. poor kurt russell had to share haircuts with his wife. I genuinely remembered the bald cop being in on it, my poor old brain is mush. fun film!"
75 55% A View to a Kill (1985) - Rated 06 Jan 2024
"A View to a Kill commits to film the single most incompetent performance by a spy in film history. James Bond (as played by the geriatric ham master Roger Moore) stumbles his way to victory despite never having made a correct decision at any moment in this film's comfortable run time. Blown covers, dead comrades, dumb plans, thank goodness for his equally incompetent foe or super genius secret nazi. Why ram the balloon? Just hover over the water until his grip gives out. grace jones = smokeshow"