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93% War and Peace (1968) - 07 May 2009
""Sergei Bondarchuk epic and unsurpassed adaptation of the great novel is a must for anyone interested in cinema or literature.""
71% Wanted (2008) - 07 May 2009
""Wanted works exceptionally on its own terms. McAvoy crashes the A-list, Jolie reclaims her star status, and Bekmambetov proves the most exciting action emigre since John Woo.""
71% Waltz with Bashir (2008) - 07 May 2009
""War is hell, Waltz is haunting.""
40% Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005) - 07 May 2009
""With more thorough editing this could have been on a par with Greenwald's previous films. His source material is gripping, but not life-changing.""
93% WALL·E (2008) - 07 May 2009
""To call WALL*E Pixar's best film would potentially denigrate films that deserve no scorn. But this is their most ambitious undertaking since Toy Story and storytelling of such charm and visual wit that it can stand proudly alongside the studio's best. Absolute heaven.""
71% Wall Street (1987) - 07 May 2009
""As with Platoon, Stone captures the horrific essence of an environment (in this case it's not the Vietnamese, but the financial jungle, with it's electronic ticker-tape and pidgin English) and transfers it to us without the need for prior knowledge. Dazzling filmmaking.""
40% Walking Tall (2004) - 07 May 2009
""Walking Tall could do for the Rock what Rambo did for Stallone - it is a not-dissimilar story, and Knoxville is on hand for some comic relief. Or it could be a bog-standard actioner. We're hoping it will be the former.""
71% Walk On Water (2004) - 07 May 2009
""Despite the possibly over-optimistic ending, this is moving, interesting and compelling viewing with superb performances.""
71% Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007) - 07 May 2009
""A mock'n'roll opus that's better than most of the real things - and one of the funniest music movies since This Is Spinal Tap.""
93% Walk the Line (2005) - 07 May 2009
""A routine genre picture that knows just the two basic chords (love/trouble), Walk The Line rarely aspires to the condition of art. But with material this catchy and stars this winning, Mangold's movie will have your feet tapping to the beat and your heart occasionally skipping it - just like all good pop music should.""