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1% Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - Rated 04 Jul 2009
"Michael Bay is a terrible human being who hates you."
42 32% Into the Wild (2007) - Rated 22 Sep 2007
"Fairly disappointing hagiography of a contradiction of a young man, the brave, brash, and unprepared Chris McCandless. Beautiful nature photography obscures the fact that this turned the book's wily, unpredictable protagonist into some profound hippie bastard."
64 60% Wild Zero (2000) - Rated 22 Sep 2007
"Surprisingly fun and acerbic zombie rock comedy, with lots of great music and a mind-melting set of plot twists. The DVD drinking game bumps this up to 100."
81 75% Eastern Promises (2007) - Rated 22 Sep 2007
"Unerrving crime saga with a beguiling structure that reveals more upon a second glance."
97 95% Playtime (1967) - Rated 14 Aug 2007
"Wonderfully elegant, timeless dadaist comedy, with impeccable mis-en-scene, detailing the futile comedy of regular life. Let it wash over you."
49 39% Black Hawk Down (2001) - Rated 14 Aug 2007
"War is hell... now let's kick some ass!"
31 20% X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) - Rated 14 Aug 2007
"Inane, misogynist, and just plain stupid, but the prefab elements of the first two films mostly shine here. Solid companion piece to the most preposterous of nineties-era storylines."
86 80% Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001) - Rated 14 Aug 2007
"Lightfooted adaptation of the show, carefully weaving a dense plotline into the framework for a conventionally pleasing action adventure. Thrillingly cinematic."
98 96% A History of Violence (2005) - Rated 14 Aug 2007
"Maybe the best of the Cronenberg collection. Bristling at the seams with subtext, this parable of a simple man with a twisted past never goes in the expected direction. Cronenberg toys with the convention of the genre in unexpected ways- this is a master at the height of his craft."
33 22% The Skeleton Key (2005) - Rated 14 Aug 2007
"Forgettable ghost story given extra resonance due to the disaster of New Orelans, and it still doesn't emerge as anything worth watching. Kate Hudson looks great in panties- if you must know."