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Cinema Addict - 1479 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 31, 2006

Location: BC, Canada

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93 88% Veep (2012) - Nov 26, 2022
"Veep takes a season or two to finally find its footing. Until that point, everything comes off as a bit too cruel. Soon, though, the cast gets more shades, the plot becomes less mired in strict political protocol, and suddenly the cruelty of the writing begins to pop like firecrackers. By the end, the show is so adept at what it’s doing that it’s hysterical, and it may have the best final joke of any series ever made."
81 44% McMillions (2020) - Nov 26, 2022
"Mostly interesting account of a snowballing criminal enterprise. Probably could’ve been told in two less episodes."
88 72% The Sopranos (1999) - Nov 26, 2022
"I won’t argue with those who laud this as a crowning achievement for television—because it is one. It’s one of the progenitors to the golden era that ushered in untouchables like Breaking Bad. But the show can often be too unfocused for its own good. It’s not uncommon for plot threads to fizzle or resolve with little difference to the characters. And I’m just gonna say it: the ending does not work."
91 82% The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) - Nov 09, 2022
"McDonagh is back. This felt like the most satisfying exploration of a random writer’s prompt ever: what of two friends just aren’t friends anymore? The deep dive into the value of human connection, of kindness supreme, of aging and legacy—these swirl in beautiful balance, served with McDonagh’s entertaining banter and wit, buoyed by career-best performances from almost all involved."
75 33% Halloween Ends (2022) - Nov 09, 2022
"Slasher genre fans are interesting. They complain if the same film is released over and over again, but they also complain whenever the genre tries to reinvent itself. This hardly focused on Michael Myers and it was the better for it. Instead, we got an actually different story that neatly slotted into the predecessors, loaded with well-placed symbolism and satisfying recalls. I dug this a fair amount and it’s kinda baffling that fans didn’t."
96 94% Black Narcissus (1947) - Nov 09, 2022
"What begins as ordinary is slowly twisted into psychological and ahead of its time filmmaking. As an anti-colonial allegory, it’s almost prototypical. So much on display worth admiring."
96 94% Midnight Mass (2021) - Oct 30, 2022
"It’s obvious this was a long-loved idea of Flanagan’s before he ever started rolling. Everything about this is so measured, so purposeful—from the beautifully slow pace to the array of characters to the concepts at hand. I’m not religious in the slightest but I also didn’t find this to be a religious text. Rather, it’s like a golden era King novel—audacious, masterful, mysterious, and unexpectedly soulful."
82 48% Rush Hour (1998) - Sep 12, 2022
"Hard to fault this at any step. Tucker and Chan work well together, the action is well done, the plot isn't mishandled, and much of the comedy comes from characters rather than absurd situations. Probably should be considered the bar for the buddy cop genre."
73 29% The Book of Boba Fett (2021) - Sep 10, 2022
"I think we’re learning that Star Wars belongs on the big screen, because unless you’re willing to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the production, these shows will never hold up. There are some interesting ideas here. Morrison is fun to watch. But then then takes a hard turn and shamelessly becomes Mandalorian season 2.5. It’s like the creative team can’t stay interested in their own work. I’ll feel ambivalent about Star Wars until it returns to theatres."
86 63% High Fidelity (2000) - Sep 09, 2022
"Here's what I'd argue about High Fidelity: it knows that its main character is a self-centred jerk. The story of exploration isn't so much to validate a jerk's immature, reactionary feelings, but to watch him sort through them and take stock of who he is and what he wants. Structurally, he's still learning when the film fades out. And it's a difficult subject to nail because this kind of introspection never stops. But despite the heavy narration, this is a witty look at insecurity."