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67 16% Hoffman (1970) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
"HOFFMAN is now largely relegated to a historical document as opposed to a story modern viewers can invest in. The premise is thick with Stockholm Syndrome, made all the worse as it continues, and critical viewers can tell this wasn't the writer's intent, but merely the decades since he wrote it have turned against him. Still, it's often oozing creepiness, and while Sellers delivers an intriguing against-type performance, his natural charisma isn't even enough to make him sympathetic."
84 55% The Andromeda Strain (1971) - Rated 26 Mar 2024
"Evocative of 1950s science fiction that manages to conjure immense stakes and drama from characters in a lab making progressive discoveries. Even the lead up to the cast being pulled together and transported to the secret facility, which we've seen many variations on since, is deft at holding attention because it focuses on character, technique, editing chicanery, and strong pacing."
80 41% McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) - Rated 26 Mar 2024
"The cold realism, captured in indelible photography and set design, is the film's biggest asset. There's a story here, buried under the snow, and to follow it closely is probably not the point, but the ethos of the era works against the film in today's modern light. It's an anti-western set in the 1970s, so we know where it's heading well ahead of its finale, and in this way Altman's slow and unfocused approach, often best suited to his menageries, never quite meshes with the material."
98 97% 12 Angry Men (1957) - Rated 26 Mar 2024
"There's nothing new to say about 12 Angry Men. It's been the subject of universal acclaim and critical analysis in the near-70 years since its release. A testament to the power of writing, acting, and directing, because one false step with any of these assets and the picture would've faltered."
85 59% Billy Elliot (2000) - Rated 20 Mar 2024
"The first half of this film belongs to Jamie Bell, unsurprisingly. The latter belongs to Gary Lewis as his father. The film rides the line of predictability a little closely a little too often, but it doesn't make you wait long between moments that'll wrestle a grin out of you. Bonafide crowdpleaser."
83 51% Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) - Rated 20 Mar 2024
"I think this is a difficult title to walk into for the first time after the film has cemented itself in pop culture for 25+ years. The martial arts choreography and wirework is still impressive but there's a distinct studio feeling to the environments, a problem that probably wasn't a problem in 2000. Overall, it's a well-crafted story and a lot of fun, but in many ways it feels like a "you had to be there" film, and I wasn't."
79 39% Cabaret (1972) - Rated 20 Mar 2024
"It's a musical that doesn't feel like a musical thanks to its diegetic club numbers that do most of the film's thematic heavy lifting, held effortlessly aloft by Joel Grey's performance, which is equal parts engrossing and creepy. Liza and the rest of the cast are great (she really gets to shine in a late solo number) and the choreography is fun. The sexual politics feel oddly dated and brazen simultaneously; not sure if that's because the film is so old now, or if it's the period it portrays."
76 34% Modern Romance (1981) - Rated 20 Mar 2024
"This only works because of Brooks and it actually works quite well for a decent amount. It starts to falter when the couple becomes a couple again and we're treated to well-trodden material of the Jealous Type. Brooks is still funny, but he needed to channel something bigger than the first half of the film to keep it as interesting, and that understandably doesn't happen. His work life also takes an unusual uptick in screentime in the latter half. Still funny, but clearly disjointed."
72 25% RoboCop (1987) - Rated 11 Mar 2024
"It's nice to watch something that feels like a science fiction short story from the fifties, literally oozing with satire, while also integrating the schlock fun of the 80s action movie that was allowed to use gallons of fake blood. From that angle, of course RoboCop has endured. For me, this kind of satire can't falter, and I think RoboCop forgets what's trying to say about half the time, falling back completely on the aforementioned 80s action. That's fine, but it doesn't make it great."
87 67% Rumble Fish (1983) - Rated 11 Mar 2024
"Coppola used to be so good. Insane that he adapted two Hinton novels in the same year and endeavored to make them so radically different. He's said that his intent with RUMBLE FISH was to make a purposefully artful film for teenagers, and I think that's not only a noble cause, but he succeeds. The should show this to kids today; the kids who get on their own makeshift podcasts to gush about the cinematography in the latest Marvel formula. Loved the cinematography, tone, and music."