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Bio: Showgirls is the greatest movie ever.

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30 T3 Any Given Sunday (1999) - Sep 11, 2007
"Oliver Stone's pretentious nature should never go near a football or sports movie at any time, and this movie is the perfect reason why. "
68 T7 Wedding Crashers (2005) - Sep 11, 2007
"When Vince Vaughn is annoying you on screen, it's a good thing, and he's on top form in this movie. Laughs galore; what more could you ask for from a movie?"
77 T9 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) - Sep 11, 2007
"Fantastic adaptation of the book. Gene Wilder's performance is truly inspiring. Family filmmaking at its very best."
77 T9 Snatch (2000) - Sep 11, 2007
"Brad Pitt's finest performance to date. Brilliant screenplay and dialogue make this flick one of the best of the new millennium."
75 T9 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) - Sep 11, 2007
"Part two of this brilliant epic trilogy gives fans and newcomers to Tolkien's classic series of books to live in beautiful fashion."
70 T8 Poltergeist (1982) - Sep 11, 2007
"Spielberg makes a great twist on the horror genre, packaging it for the summer blockbuster crowd. Still one of the scariest movies you'll ever see, with some Spielbergesque dialogue thown in for good measure."
35 T3 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) - Sep 11, 2007
"Only a movie like this could cause Depp to give one of his worst performances to date. A terrible update to a classic."
65 T7 Dark City (1998) - Sep 11, 2007
"Not by any means brilliant storytelling, but the dark visuals and unique story make for a pretty entertaining movie."
60 T6 The Cooler (2003) - Sep 11, 2007
"Alec Baldwin is once again brilliant in another performance. Great casting makes for great performances."
50 T5 Open Range (2003) - Sep 11, 2007
"Kevin Costner's lackluster performance is saved by Robert Duval, but in the end the movie turns out to be lacking in some areas."