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90 76% Candyman (2021) - Rated 01 Sep 2021
57 17% The Suicide Squad (2021) - Rated 18 Aug 2021
28 10% Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time (2021) - Rated 17 Aug 2021
"Evangelion is finally ending, firing on Anno's traditional strength of "Telling not showing" and "Overcomplicated makes things better". Anno throws around technobabble and teleporting characters to hurry along a plot that has no conclusion and little payoff. He then hits the viewer with the message that we all must move on with our lives. Anno just write an essay instead of doing a movie, you don't have to phone it in. Also I hope your Dad finally hugged you so this series can actually end"
74 29% Old (2021) - Rated 12 Aug 2021
69 23% Annette (2021) - Rated 07 Aug 2021
"Annette is incredibly original and engrossing in the moment. But it sadly ends up being more frustrating than anything by being deeply flawed and convoluted (while still being pretty simple), Written by the band Sparks, the script desperately needed an actual writer or someone to edit it. The first hour drags on, as nothing interesting happens and characterization beats get repeated. At least Driver's performance is amazing and some of the songs are earworms."
51 16% A Classic Horror Story (2021) - Rated 04 Aug 2021
89 72% The Green Knight (2021) - Rated 04 Aug 2021
80 41% Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021) - Rated 26 Jul 2021
82 46% Escape Room (2019) - Rated 26 Jul 2021
83 50% Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train (2020) - Rated 19 Jul 2021
"This is a beautifully animated shonen anime. So while its entertaining and fun and the fight scenes are awesome, the characters shout their attacks and over monologue every action. It gets annoying when it's something that the beautiful art is showing well, but the script decides to tell. Its a problem in general with anime to ignore the concept of "Show not tell" in a visual medium. At least Demon Slayer isn't the worst offender in the genre at this."