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85 74% Full Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket (1987) - Rated 13 Feb 2011
""This is my rifle this is my gun, this film is great, however not fun!""
0% The Hot Chick The Hot Chick (2002) - Rated 02 Jun 2010
"Imagine you look like Rachel McAdams. You go to sleep and you wake up looking like Rob Schneider. I'd like to quote the great Marlon Brando and say "The Horror!" I keep being surprised every time Schneider gets another movie role. This is the guy who gave us The Chinese minister in "Chuck and Larry", The hawiian Ula in "50 first dates" and not to forget Deuce Bigalow. Rob Schneider has done to film, what Adolf Hitler has done to Germany. He gives it a bad name. This guy could even ruin porn!"
65 39% I Am Sam I Am Sam (2001) - Rated 13 Feb 2011
85 74% Avatar Avatar (2009) - Rated 15 Mar 2010
"It is a classic tale that you have heard and seen a thousand times before, but this time it is served to you in a new way. The movie was 12 years in the making and it shows. The movie is a feast for your eyes and your ears, but I am left feeling that had it had a truly original story it might have been the greatest movie of all time. Style does not make up for lacking substance. No matter how much you dress up a pig with perfume, ribbons and medals, when push comes to shove it is still a pig."
90 89% Some Like It Hot Some Like It Hot (1959) - Rated 13 Feb 2011
80 63% Paul Paul (2011) - Rated 29 Mar 2011
"As a great bromance and road trip this movie was a little unexpected treat. It takes its time to get started, but once it starts it's a hell of a ride. The story is sweet, the cast is very well chosen and the writing is as always in a Frost/Pegg production clever and filled with movie references. This movie is like a plate of mass potatos, it doesn't look like much, but when it is cooked the right way with loads of love and a pinch of humor it can rival caviar and oysters any day of the week."
97 99% The Usual Suspects The Usual Suspects (1995) - Rated 15 Mar 2010
"Never has an ensemble cast been so tight. From Kevin Spacey to Gabriel Byrne to Benicio del Toro, everybody performs above and beyond the call of duty, even Stephen "I'm as good as my big brother" Baldwin does great as McManus. The movie plot is one big mind fuck to the viewer and Bryan Singer pulls it off without us even doubting him. A masterpiece in modern cinema."
20 6% The Benchwarmers The Benchwarmers (2006) - Rated 23 Jul 2010
"If you ever reminisce about your childhood and want to recapture the spirit of your youth by wathing a good disneyesque, sports and comming of age movie, do NOT WATCH THE BENCHWARMERS!!! If you however want to watch a horrible movie with a lot of has (and never has) been actors like Lovitz, Spade, Heder and Schneider and think "I can do that" then this movie is for you! You know your watching a crap movie when a Pinocchio enspired robot butler is the closest the movie comes to an actual actor!"
30 10% Harry and the Hendersons Harry and the Hendersons (1987) - Rated 07 Feb 2011
""The oscar winning movie Harry and the Hendersons". Simply love the fact that this movie promotes itself as an oscar winner. It DID win an oscar, nothing wrong there, but it was in make-up a category with only one other nominee. That's like calling yourself a doctor when you have a doctorate. You ARE a doctor, but people are going to be a bit upset, when you try to give them enamas. Long story short. This IS an oscar winning movie, but come on people it's not like it's an oscar winning movie!"
94 97% Se7en Se7en (1995) - Rated 15 Mar 2010
"Dark, innovating and deeply disturbing. A great thriller and one of my favorite movies. Pitt and Freemann make a perfect crime solving pair as they dive into the dark seedy underbelly of the city. A genious plot, where the journey is as good as the goal it self. When I saw it the first time I was on the tip of my seat waiting to see how the next sin would be manifested. Fincher when he is at his very best."