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35 3% Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter Part II - The Beginning (2021) - 20 Feb 2024
"Honest, cannot believe why this is highly rated. This also is no commentary on the production itself. It is the pointlessness for me that drags this down. Why this was made into a separate movie (and in this order) baffles me. We ready saw the key moments in the 4th installment, so this was like watching a repeat."
55 20% Mortal Kombat (2021) - 20 Feb 2024
"Right, at least it was violent? To be fair, it was much better than the 90s version, though this one was less about the actual tournament, so purists may disagree (though I don't know how the game has evolved). I do also appreciate the representation, but Josh Lawson as Kano was an interesting choice..."
55 20% 50 First Kisses (2017) - 20 Feb 2024
"Well, what an unnecessary remake. But still, if you like the original, you will most likely find this to be okay. It has pretty much the same beats, even the backdrop, with about the only thing that's changed being the title. The 2 leads are pretty good though (and I personally like both of them), so it wasn't all bad."
65 45% Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) - 20 Feb 2024
"This reminded me of a 90s-type film that has multiple characters and all the stories collide, with all the flashbacks and change of POV. It was fun for what it was especially with a pretty fun cast to boot. Not all that memorable, but it's alright while you watch."
65 45% Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter Part I - The Final (2021) - 20 Feb 2024
"Okay, so this one was disappointing in the sense that they left out so many of the crucial story arcs of what made this last arc so epic in the manga series. This is a shame because the casting was on point (and especially the fact that they brought everyone back after a bit of time), and the performances were good too."
70 58% Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends (2014) - 20 Feb 2024
"It wasn't all good, but there was enough there for fans and moviegoers alike. They did make the mistake of not making this a true trilogy, as the setup could have been so great from the first film, but it was still enjoyable to see these characters come to life, even if it wasn't in the way they truly deserved to be."
70 58% Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (2014) - 15 Sep 2023
"I have watched this twice now, the best I can say is it's alright. The fact is that it is such a huge arc in the manga, that it was always going to be nearly impossible to make it work. Try as they might, this doesn't live up to the manga at all, and the missed opportunity with a character arc in the first film comes back to bite them in this one."
75 72% Rurouni Kenshin (2012) - 15 Sep 2023
"This is such an almost film. So many things to like, bar a few casting choices. If you know the manga, they did a really great job of combining 2 of the stories into one, though they did miss an opportunity with one major plot line. It also doesn't feel over the top, which makes this very watchable."
80 86% Don't Look Up (2021) - 06 Aug 2023
"Overly exaggerated, but does what a good satire should. It does toe the line of absurdity though, so if it crossed it for you, there is a high chance you hated this. I found it to have a good balance, and the ensemble cast helped with that. The film also plays it out until the very end, where some others may not have."
60 32% Ride or Die (2021) - 16 Jul 2023
"Strong performances all around for an intriguing plot, but it feels a little excessive for what it is trying to convey. I'm not opposed to gratuitous scenes but if it doesn't benefit the narrative, why is it really in there? The film is otherwise pretty decent."