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Above 50 - Worth watching, to varying degrees
Under 50 - Not worth watching, to varying degrees

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80 94% Arrival Arrival (2016) - Rated 14 Nov 2016
"Great film. Well shot and solid performances from the cast. Has a lot in common with the 1997 film 'Contact.' A good adaptation of the novella 'Story of Your Life.' The picture is much too dark though."
85 97% Blade Runner 2049 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Rated 12 Oct 2017
"One of the rare decades-later sequel that is a success, BR2049 expands upon the original but also works as a standalone movie. It is uniformly well acted, looks fantastic and has an in-your-face overbearing soundtrack that I liked. The overall story is ambiguous and thought provoking and doesn't give all the answers you want, but it does have a satisfying ending. Minimal but effective use of Harrison Ford as Deckard. My main criticisms are that the pacing is languid and it feels bloated at times"
51 50% Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - Rated 19 Dec 2019
"Visual effects are beautiful to watch and action scenes well directed. Ren and Rey are the most interesting characters while both Finn and Poe regularly entertain. Feels more like a sequel to TFA than TLJ undoing a number of story developments while paying lip service to others. Rehashes my main criticisms of TFA whereby it has the search for a MacGuffin driving the plot and ends with an action sequence not far off the Starkiller base fight. A fun watch but my least favourite of the new trilogy"
40 25% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition (2016) - Rated 31 Jan 2024
"Better than the theatrical release but not as good as Man of Steel. A number of plot holes were resolved in this version but it still has some issues. Clark Kent has multiple scenes added which adds some depth to his character. The longer running time with both additional and extended scenes improves the pacing however it is too long, although feels slightly shorter than theatrical version. THEATRICAL. 3/10. Poorly paced, at times incoherent. The ending was a sea of pixels. Very little Superman"
51 50% Godzilla: King of the Monsters Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Rated 30 May 2019
"Not as good as the recent Kong & Godzilla films at capturing the sheer scale of the giant monsters. The human characters are uniformly uninteresting and their deaths barely elicited a shrug whereas I react more to the creatures getting injured. Plenty of spectacle, destruction and monster fighting which is really the most important aspect of this kind of movie"
30 9% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - Rated 26 Mar 2016
"Plenty of spectacle with individual scenes that look great but doesn't flow from scene to scene so my attention wandered a few times. I understood why Batman wanted to stop Superman but don't know what Lex Luthors motivations were. Doomsday looked like a cross between the cave troll from the LOTR Fellowship of the Ring and the abomination from The Incredible Hulk, just another generic CG creation, and the ending was a sea of pixels. Gadot and Affleck were fine. ULTIMATE. 4/10. Slight improvement"
49 38% F9: The Fast Saga F9: The Fast Saga (2021) - Rated 06 Jul 2021
"Looney Tunes physics (rocket powered car flies into space / magnets are magic) meets soap opera storyline (estranged never previously mentioned evil brother / long dead beloved character resurrected). Probably the dumbest F&F film but a decent action film with multiple over the top setpieces. An improvement over Fast 8 and a fun watch but so incredibly stupid. PS: Family. *Watched in 4DX. It's an experience*"
80 94% Dunkirk Dunkirk (2017) - Rated 24 Jul 2017
"One long battle scene where the events on the beach, at sea and in the air occur over different time span. There was minimal plot or narrative with the focus being on building tension throughout. It was more interested in the evacuation as a whole rather than individual characters but those who were shown seemed believably human and not defined by a single aspect of their personality. My main issue was the hard to hear dialogue which often was muffled or overwhelmed by the gunfire and explosions"
65 74% Tenet Tenet (2020) - Rated 01 Sep 2020
"Doctor Strange's time reversal end sequence but over an entire film. The main cast have screen presence but lack characterisation and seemly act due to needs of the often hard to fully understand plot. The sound mixing is frequently poor with story critical dialogue missed due to muffled voices or overly loud ambient noise. However the concepts shown are thought provoking and the multiple set piece action scenes are very well executed. Often entertaining but flawed Tenet is a lesser Nolan movie."
70 83% Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One (2023) - Rated 10 Jul 2023
"Film looks great with some really nice cinematography. Hayley Atwell is a lot of fun to watch but Esai Morales character is a little thin and just seems generically evil. Theres a 2nd act development that I didn't care for and the plot details regarding A.I. feel sometimes silly and out of place in a MI film. Has some similarities to the F&F franchise in terms of action set pieces and the Importance Of Family (and Friends). A step down from both 5 & 6 but still an exciting action espionage movie"