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96 94% Poor Things (2023) - Rated 03 Mar 2024
"A fantastically weird treatise on cynicism and idealism that uses feminism and sexual liberation as its delivery mechanism. Major Monty Python vibes visually that mesh realism and surrealism well, and the performances and writing are off-the-charts good."
92 89% Killers of the Flower Moon (2023) - Rated 03 Mar 2024
"Truly an epic. Scorcese's recent trend of discussing the sins of the past and their ability to be redeemed hits a high point and a grander scale with this film's discussing of indigenous American peoples and their suffering at the hands of capitalism and manifest destiny...and even our recounting of these stories in the media and art."
97 96% Dune: Part Two (2024) - Rated 03 Mar 2024
"Stellar. A slight improvement on the first which comes from it being a part two and less exposition heavy than any actual increase in quality. This is likely one of the best things I'll ever see in theaters from an immersion perspective, and I'll treasure it for a long time."
66 53% Moon Knight (2022) - Rated 17 Nov 2023
"I found Moon Knight pretty frustrating. Maybe I just couldn't get interested enough to care, but I found the Egyptian mythology tough to track. Oscar Isaac makes a good lead and has the range to portray DID well, and the cast around him is good enough to support him as they should. But I'm getting fatigued with all these Marvel shows: they don't have the same quality as the first couple did and feel like expansions of the universe and tone that might not go anywhere."
71 60% Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (2023) - Rated 07 Nov 2023
"As far as concert films go seeing this in IMAX was one of the truer-to-life experiences I've had watching music on a screen. I'm glad I went, as the Eras Tour isn't something I want to spend used-car prices on and I also didn't want to not understand the big deal. The Folklore and Fearless segments stood out to me, but Reputation surprised in its live reworking. The style behind the camera isn't much to behold, but it's good enough to not be distracting."
100 99% Oppenheimer (2023) - Rated 07 Nov 2023
"Look, I don't throw around perfect scores very often, but this thing is something to behold. Nolan decides that this story deserves the pacing of The Social Network, which is a bold choice for a dialogue-heavy drama about scientists, but the breakneck speed helps the runtime feel like a breeze. Cillian Murphy is haunting and perfect, and the rest of the ensemble isn't far behind at all. The fact that this got made and is what it is while being an epic is so fortunate for film fans everywhere."
94 91% Barbie (2023) - Rated 07 Nov 2023
"Genuinely came in as my most anticipated film of the year after the first teaser, and it did not disappoint. Barbie is a tribute, a critique, and a satire all in one with a perfectly cast Ryan Gosling stealing every single scene as Ken. Greta has now shown a tremendous amount of range as a filmmaker and deserves to be showcased as one of the best young directors going forward. Pulling 2001 references into a movie about dolls and making it work is ridiculous."
77 68% Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One (2023) - Rated 07 Nov 2023
"A tad exposition-heavy but dammit I can’t help but love these things. They’re goofy but so much fun and so well put together. This one is the worst of the newest batch, but not that far off that admittedly high mark. Also, this film is definitely pro-double strike with its AI-heavy plot and I couldn’t help but see that the entire time."
97 96% Past Lives (2023) - Rated 07 Nov 2023
"Transcendent, haunting, beautiful, hopelessly romantic and devastating. Such an interesting and poignant way to look at the what-ifs of life."
61 47% No Hard Feelings (2023) - Rated 07 Nov 2023
"Surprisingly heartfelt and funny…and nude in all the weirdest ways."