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Bio: God bless AMC Stubs A-List. And God bless A24.
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95 93% Hamilton (2020) - Jul 15, 2020
"I think it's incredibly hard to screw up such perfect source material, but because the creative team behind the original show took extra effort in filming its Broadway performance, Hamilton is more than just a filmed stage production. The cast's performances overall (in particular its three Tony winners) are stellar, and seeing them instead of just hearing them as I've been subjected to for the past several years isn't just a revolution; it's a revelation, and one that all should experience. "
82 73% Ponyo (2008) - Jul 15, 2020
"I feel like its pacing is very, very strange, but besides that Ponyo is a delightful animated film that says a lot even while being geared towards kids more than other Ghibli films. It has a lush environment both in its animation and its score to the point that it at times just sucks me into its world. The pro-environmentalism themes are appreciated yet subtle, but by the conclusion they are largely abandoned for a simpler message which helps the film feel more focused and true to itself. "
84 76% Veep (2012) - Jul 10, 2020
"Season 1 - 75; season 2 - 86; season 3 - 91. It struggles to find its footing at first, but by the end of the first season Veep is firing on most of its cylinders and shows its potential to get to even higher quality. I love laughing at the second most incompetent example of government work I've ever seen (sadly, the only thing that beats it is non-fiction), and it's got such sharp writing that I can't help but watch more episodes than I intended. "
81 71% Baby Driver (2017) - Jul 07, 2020
"This is a masterclass in soundtrack curation, film editing, sound editing, sound mixing, and stitching all of those things together. Besides that, it's just a good action comedy with slick writing and acting. "
97 96% 12 Years a Slave (2013) - Jun 19, 2020
"A masterpiece of filmmaking, what 12 Years a Slave does best is to let atrocities speak for themselves. Whatever emotional response you have while watching is not manipulated or coerced, and that lack of persuasion speaks volumes when the film still brings you on the verge of tears in its opening minutes. McQueen's directorial choices make the film an epic of horrors and brutality, while the cast's overall performance creates a human connection between those regarded as inhuman and the viewer. "
76 64% The Hate U Give (2018) - Jun 17, 2020
"While it does lack subtlety, The Hate U Give's ability to tackle well over a dozen issues and a profound central message make it a powerful film. Amandla Stenberg delivers a powerhouse performance that punches far above her experience, and the rest of the cast supports her well. Despite the somewhat plain direction from George Tillman Jr., the film is still a powerful piece on wokeness and anti-racism, proving that young adult adaptations can say more than one might think. "
90 86% Malcolm X (1992) - Jun 16, 2020
"In light of recent events, Spike Lee's biopic about Malcolm X rings much different. It becomes clear even in the opening minutes that Malcolm's ideals held later in life still have not been realized, but this film seeks to tear down the false image held in the minds of many Americans in an effort to portray Malcolm as a man who changed many times throughout his life and whose final stances were much more in concert with the mainstream civil rights movement than some might think. "
80 69% Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (2018) - Jun 16, 2020
"Volume 1 - 80. Not as high-quality as Last Week Tonight but perhaps more engrossing due to Minhaj's energy, Patriot Act is a worthy addition to the political late-night landscape that has a notably millennial outlook on the world and proof that Netflix knows how to make competitive original content in all genres. "
70 55% Tiger King (2020) - Jun 16, 2020
"It is admittedly fun to watch and very engrossing, but I can't help but feel like I am perpetuating a fraud to the public about Carole Baskin while watching it. High levels of manipulation make this trainwreck fun and immerse you into the world of Joe Exotic, but one must take care to not take its messaging as gospel. "
90 86% 13th (2016) - Jun 02, 2020
"I feel like the most shocking part of 13th is how unsurprising all its information feels, even when I haven't heard it before. Perhaps that is its main point--that if you can't see its way as a real possibility in the United States then you are blinded by race and politics. Ava DuVernay makes sure that her message gets heard in a slickly edited package that brings in a host of different public figures, from antiracist activists to politicians from both major American parties. "