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Member Since: Jun 28, 2015

Location: Champaign, Illinois, USA

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24 14% High School Musical 2 (2007) - Nov 13, 2019
49 33% High School Musical (2006) - Nov 13, 2019
"It's not great, to be sure, but High School Musical survives and mildly entertains entirely based on its camp. "
64 50% The Mandalorian (2019) - Nov 13, 2019
"The Mandalorian nails the aesthetic and feel of what it's going for; however, it lacks much personality and has what (so far) is a mildly predictable plot. "
29 18% The Game Plan (2007) - Nov 13, 2019
96 94% The Lighthouse (2019) - Nov 13, 2019
"However puzzling The Lighthouse was upon its completion, I could not deny the technical brilliance and superb performances it contains. Eggers, Dafoe, and Pattinson (especially the latter) make this film one of the most claustrophobic and anxiety-ridden experiences I have ever had in a theater. Upon further reflection, there's so many different directions to take this film that I will have to rewatch it again and again, so here's hoping that my mental health doesn't deteriorate. "
83 75% Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Nov 11, 2019
"Though it left me wanting slightly for more comedic teeth, Jojo Rabbit is an excellent comedy with some great anti-hate messaging. "
68 54% Doctor Sleep (2019) - Nov 11, 2019
"My biggest worry for this film -- that it wouldn't earn its connection to The Shining -- was easily squashed, but Doctor Sleep still struggles at times to become truly good entirely on its own merits. The deliberate pacing and atmospheric horror from director Mike Flanagan work very well, as do the performances from the cast. However, the more supernatural elements when compared to the Kubrick film feel disjointed and make me understand more fully why they were originally left behind. "
55 40% Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Nov 08, 2019
"Dark Fate follows the pattern of T2 to a *ahem* T, and while that proves to make a generally entertaining movie it doesn't feel nearly as vital as those first two films did. Seeing Hamilton and Arnold back together is a nice sight for the nostalgia goggles, but the rest of it was just fine. While the film overall left a non-bitter taste in my mouth, there weren't a lot of complex flavors lying underneath. "
88 83% Good Night, and Good Luck (2005) - Nov 07, 2019
"A tremendous script and taut yet lingering editing make Good Night, and Good Luck one of the best films of its kind. The cast led by Strathairn excels at emulating the fast-talking style of films from the era, and in concert with the black-and-white photography and old jazz standards create a transcendent viewing experience that draws the viewer in and does not let them go until well after the credits have finished. "
51 35% The Patriot (2000) - Nov 04, 2019
"Overlong and self-indulgent, The Patriot's desire to be Braveheart 2: American Boogaloo unfortunately seems more important than making it a good movie. Ledger, Gibson, and especially Isaacs turn in good performances, but the over-reliance on melodrama overshadows any points the film tries to make about the Revolution or war or morality. The lack of historical accuracy isn't great either, especially in how it simplifies the entire conflict into black and white terms. "