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69 55% Hustlers (2019) - Sep 16, 2019
"A riveting first act gave way to a dragging midsection and not a lot of payoff, but the snappy dialogue and solid performances from the entire cast make Hustlers still firmly worth watching. It lacked a singular thematic focus though, almost trying to say too many things rather than centering on one of its many messages and delivering it well. "
66 52% It Chapter Two (2019) - Sep 10, 2019
"The second chapter is lesser than the first, but it still makes for a fitting and satisfying conclusion to this story. I personally didn't mind the length or the de-aging effects at all; the film was just less scary and maybe a bit too funny for its own good. Skarsgard is still excellent, and the casting for the adult Losers is also top-notch. What I appreciate most about these films though is that they feel entirely like Muschietti's vision, and for a big-budget film that's a huge win. "
95 93% Apollo 11 (2019) - Sep 06, 2019
"Breathtaking and stunning for every frame of its runtime, Apollo 11 preserves in marvelous fashion one of the most monumental human accomplishments, yet somehow still manages to be interesting, compelling, and gripping. The editing made me wonder many times if this footage was purposefully shot for this film; it is that seamless and that well made. An easy contender for Best Documentary Feature and probably the best doc I've seen to date. "
96 94% Alien (1979) - Sep 05, 2019
"A pitch-perfect turn from Ridley Scott, it's not hard to see how this became a sci-fi and (in my opinion, more accurately) horror classic. Scott knows how to draw out his tension incredibly well to constantly make the audience on-edge, resulting in a climax that is bursting at the seams with great moments, largely from the film's editing and cinematography. Weaver shows why she is so well-known for her role as Ripley, being a strong yet believable presence. "
87 81% Bambi (1942) - Sep 05, 2019
"A touching classic, Bambi is told simply and effectively through beautiful animation and surprisingly intense sequences with hefty themes. "
78 67% It (2017) - Sep 02, 2019
"It exemplifies the pinnacle of mainstream horror filmmaking, striking a balance between that unsettling creepy feeling of dread and quick jump scares. While I greatly prefer the former over the latter, I can appreciate how well this film executes its scares and keeps me constantly on edge throughout its runtime. The child actors and Skarsgard all turn in great performances, and despite some slight pacing issues in the opening act, It stands far above the rest of its genre's competition. "
74 62% Ready or Not (2019) - Sep 01, 2019
"A delightfully thrilling and gory ride, Ready or Not is highlighted by a balance between horror and humor and a stellar lead performance by Samara Weaving. "
97 96% A Clockwork Orange (1971) - Aug 30, 2019
97 96% No Country for Old Men (2007) - Aug 30, 2019