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Location: Champaign, Illinois, USA

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94 91% Us (2019) - Mar 24, 2019
"As ambiguous as it is unsettling, Us is a chilling tale that proves Jordan Peele's worth as a socially-conscious horror master. "
67 55% Captain Marvel (2019) - Mar 23, 2019
"I've seen this movie before from Marvel, but that doesn't mean it's not done well here. Captain Marvel does a solid enough job introducing us to the character, proving Brie Larson as a good match for this iteration of her. It's bland artistically, lacking any of the flair that more recent Marvel films have had, but it's an enjoyable ride with some fun sequences and surprisingly poignant thematic material. "
59 47% A Night at the Garden (2017) - Feb 25, 2019
"While I would have liked to see more expansion on this event, A Night at the Garden stands well on its own as an eerily familiar sight in the political context of the Trump administration. "
47 35% Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Feb 17, 2019
" least the Live Aid sequence was great. The rest of Bohemian Rhapsody alters between average biopic and bland revisionist history of Queen. This script is terribly wooden as well, and despite Malek's admittedly good performance, the film fails to develop its characters any further than Queen's Wikipedia article does -- and in many cases, it doesn't even get that deep. "
76 66% Obvious Child (2014) - Feb 15, 2019
62 50% Treasure Planet (2002) - Feb 15, 2019
66 55% Gifted (2017) - Feb 02, 2019
"Very enjoyable and quite emotionally powerful, but Gifted is too derivative to leave a truly lasting impression. "
76 66% The Kindergarten Teacher (2018) - Jan 26, 2019
"A very strange but ultimately powerful film that meditates heavily on our culture's treatment of child talent and asks how we should handle it in a healthy way. The best performance I've seen from Gyllenhaal in a while. "
87 82% The Terminator (1984) - Jan 12, 2019
"Just about perfect for an action film. There isn't a lot below the surface thematically, but Cameron makes sure that doesn't become a problem through the incredibly fast pace. It might be a little dated technically, but for the most part this is still a very enjoyable sci-fi action flick that set a standard for all that followed it. "