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Location: Champaign, Illinois, USA

Bio: God bless AMC Stubs A-List. And God bless A24.
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95 93% Minari (2020) - Feb 19, 2021
"I'm still not quite sure what to make of Minari, but I can say that it intertwines the integration of an immigrant family into the bittersweet results that often come out of our constructed paradises, which also ties into charismatic spirituality, which also ties into the dismantling of stereotypes within both family units and communities into which immigrants move. Phew. It covers a lot of ground. "
78 66% Palm Springs (2020) - Feb 19, 2021
"A pretty good update on the stuck-in-a-time-loop format due to its dual perspectives, Palm Springs is a pleasant rom-com with a great blend between witty fun and existential despair that makes almost all of its moments hit."
95 93% Full Metal Jacket (1987) - Jan 16, 2021
67 51% Tenet (2020) - Jan 09, 2021
"Innovative and visually arresting but not interesting, Tenet is what happens when a filmmaker who wants to provide insight on the human experience in the form of spectacle tries and fails to fully do so. "
86 79% Mank (2020) - Jan 09, 2021
"Mank just reeks of its era, from production choices to the ugly backroom Hollywood politics. In many ways, though, its genius is in how timely it feels with its discussion of socialism through Upton Sinclair and the power of the press in Hearst. There just isn't enough that can be said for how terribly history must repeat itself by those who don't know it, and I think that the choices Fincher made in the production to make it feel made in the era it was set only gives that aura off all the more."
82 72% The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020) - Jan 03, 2021
98 97% Soul (2020) - Jan 01, 2021
55 38% Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) - Dec 28, 2020
"I think there's a lot to like and enjoy in WW1984. A lot of the same spirit as the first film is captured here as well, and added to it is a nice heap of old-school campy comic book movie flair. Unfortunately, there are some huge problems with logic in the plot, and as a result the third act feels chaotic (if a bit less one-note than the first film) and unhinged. I like the pacing, but some will find issue with it being a little slow. I would definitely rewatch, but there's some big flaws here. "
89 84% A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) - Dec 27, 2020
"There's something oddly comforting and relieving to me about this holiday classic. Its moral ambiguity, anti-commercialism stance, and melancholy help a lot of people (including myself) get their voices heard in a season that can so often be about distraction and manufactured joy. In the middle of it all, though, is a message of redemption and resurrection of the existential sadness that can affect the human spirit so easily and readily. And all of this happens in less than half an hour. "
73 59% The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) - Dec 26, 2020
"I think that this gets closer to the tone of Dickens's novel than most other child-centric adaptations I have seen; however, I wish it was even one smidge darker to get into the grittier message that A Christmas Carol really provides. Still, with its delightful and catchy music and the Muppets' signature humor and style, The Muppet Christmas Carol is a worthy holiday classic that seems more grounded and morally important than others typically watched this time of year. "