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Member Since: Jun 28, 2015

Location: Champaign, Illinois, USA

Bio: God bless AMC Stubs A-List. And God bless A24.
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94 91% Saint Maud (2020) - Jun 10, 2021
"A horrific yet insightful portrayal of asceticism, Saint Maud is a confident debut from Rose Glass whose complicated religious subtext belies its straightforward appearance. "
0% Assassin 33 A.D. (2020) - Apr 29, 2021
"This is historically bad in every single way, which naturally means that I loved watching it. "
58 41% Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) - Apr 29, 2021
"This movie is purely a vehicle to get to a fight or two, and it's painfully obvious with its stunted human character development and overexplanatory script. That being said, though...those fights are great. I think it's far from being the more complete package that both Gareth Edwards's Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island are, but the visual effects and firm directing of them make me forget that in the moment. Junkie XL's score is immersive too. Overall, it's really dumb, but that's what I wanted. "
77 64% Burrow (2020) - Apr 28, 2021
"A cute, heart-warming short, which is a little odd considering how much Pixar seems to want to make me cry in as little time as possible most years they have an Oscar-nominated short. I love the obvious stylistic nods to Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox. "
88 82% If Anything Happens I Love You (2020) - Apr 28, 2021
"Absolutely devastating. If Anything Happens I Love You is an astounding piece of animation that packs more into its short runtime than almost any other short that I have seen. I appreciated how its approach to gun violence deals squarely with the aftermath and depicts full-on how grief in such a sudden, quick situation can wreck people and relationships even though the loss is no fault of their own. "
71 55% Genius Loci (2020) - Apr 28, 2021
"I can't say that I know what I was watching, but Genius Loci somehow still managed to ensnare me into its surrealist animated world. There's a lot of spiritual/theological themes touched on in the first 75% of its short runtime, but the ending was far more mysterious than the rest of the film. Maybe it's trying to go after a unique spin on its titular Latin archetype, but it's shrouded in a lot of mystery -- and even more beauty. "
93 90% Nomadland (2020) - Apr 28, 2021
"I find Nomadland to be an interesting cinematic experiment that works well overall. Frances McDormand gives a great performance that is a masterclass in subtlety and letting a powerful emotion sit just underneath the surface (which, in this case, is an overwhelming sense of grief and despair and longing). The communities of nomads among which she finds herself act as a mirror of sorts to her experiences, and I love how thorough of a treatment they get. This is complex, well-made, and rewarding."
80 68% Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) - Apr 28, 2021
"I thought this might have been better than the original Borat, maybe just because it's made for this cultural moment, maybe just because it's me growing more used to the Borat style. This sequel also has a lot more structure, which makes it easier to follow and allows for some more pointed comedic moments. Maria Bakalova is a revelation as Borat's daughter. "
99 98% The Father (2020) - Apr 28, 2021
"Absolutely brilliant. Heartbreaking. Confounding in all the right ways. I don't know how the entire cast and crew executed this vision so well. It's mystifying but very eye-opening, and from what I know of dementia this seems like a very fair and accurate treatment. This is a stunning debut for director/writer Florian Zeller, showing not just how good his play from which this is sourced is but also how well he knows how to craft an environment that puts you into the mind of this character. "
98 97% Another Round (2020) - Apr 14, 2021
"I can't believe that such a ridiculous concept not only gets handled with such confidence and grace but also can be so artistic in its end form. Another Round says so much about alcoholism and addiction more broadly through a surprisingly fitting lens. I loved in particular how the film has so many seemingly light moments that are so brooding and disturbing in context. It's such a beautiful piece of art with such a dark warning, and that paradox is always attractive to me. "