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Member Since: Mar 13, 2013

Location: Ontario, Canada

Bio: On movies:
I'm not easily impressed. I judge profusely on emotion. I try to view subjective content with an objective lens, but I certainly will hyperbolize my argument for the sake of being correct, or sensational. My opinion likely differs from yours, but neither of us are right nor wrong.
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32 16% The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) - Apr 14, 2013
58 68% Intouchables (2011) - Apr 14, 2013
"I wasn't paying attention as much as I should have. Cute story, the details are what makes this work. Leaves you warm and fuzzy inside."
70 86% Thor (2011) - Apr 05, 2013
"Nice, albeit a bit cheesy. Disappointed in Portman's performance."
50 46% Foreverland (2011) - Mar 29, 2013
"To be honest, I fell asleep half an hour before the ending. Predictable and cheesy, but you could do a whole lot worse."
83 94% Psycho (1960) - Mar 29, 2013
"This just doesn't get old. Attention to detail and flawless execution."
52 51% Bridesmaids (2011) - Mar 22, 2013
"I agree, Wiig was good at her role. Strayed more to the rom-com side of things than typical raunchy Apatow humour (this was an aspect I liked, however). Overall, pretty mediocre. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent comedy. But I was expecting this to be a whole lot funnier than it was. "
37 22% Kindergarten Cop (1990) - Mar 22, 2013
54 56% Submarine (2010) - Mar 21, 2013
"Pretty to look at, a quirky debut by Richard Ayoade. I'd be interested to see more of his directorial work. Some clever humour sprinkled subtly throughout. It has a few golden moments, but gets caught up in its own flatulence more often than not. "
21 10% Side Effects (2013) - Mar 15, 2013
"Bland, almost laughably immature script, a few bouts of "you call that acting?!", and Soderbergh can't throw together a good story. It was all over the map and so goddamn slow. None of the characters were likeable. The last plot twist was absolutely obscene... Impressive performance by Jude Law and stunning soundtrack, however."
63 77% Office Space (1999) - Mar 13, 2013
"Rewatched this little gem yesterday. The characters are funny, the music is obnoxious, the script is simple, but it delivers - a successful comedy! "