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60 T5 Darkest Hour (2017) - Apr 12, 2018
"First of all, the cast of this movie was spot on to the roles they played especially Gary Oldman. Where it falls short is that it can get slow. And even though theatrical, it is not very historically accurate. Overall ok and will probably watch it again eventually. "
70 T9 Logan Lucky (2017) - Mar 27, 2018
80 T10 Dunkirk (2017) - Mar 19, 2018
"Action and drama go hand in hand in this epic telling of the evacuation of Dunkirk. Nolan uses quiet to masterful effect. Instead of bogging down the movie with unnecessary dialogue, a single look or expression says it all in this amazing movie. Can you tell I really liked it? Some may be confused by the way everything plays out but given Nolan's other works, should we be surprised?"
70 T9 Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) - Feb 16, 2018
70 T9 As You Like It (2006) - Feb 04, 2018
"I felt the Japanese twist unneeded. But overall this was a good introduction to this particular Shakespeare work for me. The chemistry among the actors was great! It really got you to go along with the emotion of the moment. I felt Kevin Kline was a little much, but still overall likeable. And I wish they had done a more to make Rosalind look more boyish when in disguise. But overall enjoyable and would watch again!"
50 T2 Peter Pan Live! (2014) - Jan 26, 2018
"The music felt forced into the story. Walken did ok. Everyone else was just meh."
60 T5 My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) - Jan 12, 2018
60 T5 Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) - Jan 12, 2018
70 T9 The Boss Baby (2017) - Nov 26, 2017