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89 82% Fantastic Planet (1973) - Nov 04, 2022
"A fantastic fantastic tale of little and big humans! Creative animation with psychedelic music makes this one a really out of this world film. It has aged pretty well even though you can feel (and appreciate) the retro-futurism of 70s. Thematically maybe not the strongest, especially with all the potential of the story line given, but still manages to offer some food for thought. Enjoyable and and part of general education!"
80 45% Die Wannseekonferenz (2022) - Oct 27, 2022
"Interesting insight into Third Reich's Final Solution, different departments and political tensions between these departments. Sugarcoated ruthlessness when discussing these solutions sends chills down the spine. Not a bad conversation-driven history film."
80 45% Nope (2022) - Aug 29, 2022
"Innovative and definitely not a horror film, sci-fi mystery at best. Some plotline choices didn't feel like a good decision. Overall I think this could be a very good film but it ended up being really average, despite a great storyline and interesting plot twists. Character development was quite poor. A script like this could use a really good director to really make it work well. But it has its moments and is generally fun. Just don't expect too much."
81 51% A Short Film About Killing (1988) - Aug 28, 2022
"This was a bit too brutal for my mind right now. Set in bleak, colorless, grey, muddy and depressive communist Warsaw. Following a sadistic character, empathic lawyer and apathic taxi driver, this is a raw portrayal of twisted human minds with sterile bureaucratic system dealing with them, with sick humans of our society, in horrific way. I really preferred other films by Kieslowski so far, this felt too brutal and set in such a depressive environment - it was hard to watch. Won't watch again."
88 77% Eraserhead (1977) - Aug 27, 2022
"Lynchian transcending reality where you question your perception of every construct that make up your world starts here. Not an easy going picture and I always see a "problem" with art film like these that finding your own meaning or perception of an idea can be as challenging as rewarding, even more so with Lynch. Technically and cinematographically near perfect (I preferred Twin Peaks season 3 'dream' inserts which occurred in similar fashion). Now off to explore the meaning(s), Masterpiece."
89 82% Il Grido (1957) - Aug 26, 2022
"Second film by Antonioni that I saw. Not as stunning as La notte, a film about a heartbroken wanderer, distant from real world and people. Soundtrack is oddly cheerful and really sets a lighter tone of the film, even though it's greatly melancholic neo-realist picture. In this regard even black and white helps to cover all the mud, grey skies and poverty. A broken man in post-war world. A great film, slow and it makes you feel aimless. Thank you Mubi for making me discover Antonioni."
74 26% Babysitter (2022) - Aug 22, 2022
"A satire that touches couple of interesting topics - sexism, misogyny, relationships, affairs, love... it's filled with overly dramatized characters yet somehow everything gets lost in shallowness of really average story development. It's not a bad movie, but I won't watch it again. The babysitter was a really cute character."
93 98% La Notte (1961) - Aug 21, 2022
"This has to be one of my favorite films. The observant and distant behavior of Lidia which I didn't understand until the end reminded of a Daoist, watching the life unfold without judgment. In the end of course we see that's the lack of love in the couple which created boredom and distance. A wonderful play of (lack of) emotions for each other and triggers we need in life to reignite them. Wonderfully shot and superb, emotionally strong acting this is a nice reflection on relationships and life."
78 35% The Tender Bar (2021) - Aug 07, 2022
"Not a bad film but extremely mellow and unstriking. It's warm and generally very watchable but with average story behind it it leaves unrewarded at the end. I really enjoy writer movies and this one isn't any different so definitely sorry I saw it - I just expected more. The guys at the bar are really cool, this was well portrayed, and it's hard to decide on the mood of the grandpa's home - something between toxic and welcoming. Liked Affleck albeit it was a bit of cliché-filled character."
80 45% The Report (2019) - Aug 06, 2022
"Since rather unfamiliar with the matter and terminology I found it a bit confusing and almost hard to follow in every detail. It's a movie about a report so it's expected to be a bit dry, and it is. Disgusting apparatus of USA reign of terror is revealed in plain sight, camouflaged in bureaucracy and endless departments and agencies with little to no responsibility for people responsible. Driver delivers he role perfectly. General education material but don't expect much excitement."