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Location: Slovenia

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90 91% Midnight in Paris (2011) - Aug 13, 2020
"Good thing I got used to Owen...! The film is simply gorgeous and it does a tremendous job of taking you back in time. Of course this is a greatly romanticized version of life, and of course, rich people in all eras, but that's life and thank god for movies, eh? Highly satisfying, warm movie with a quick turning of events and maybe a lack of depth (story, characters, message) and am looking forward to seeing it again on our big projector (future) and after we visit Paris (future). Thanks, Allen."
80 49% Good Boys (2019) - Aug 13, 2020
"Easy going, fun movie with little, rather funny people in it. I seem to not be in majority when I say that the movie is worth a watch. Sometimes I like to be a simple man."
90 91% Annie Hall (1977) - Aug 03, 2020
"We can see where this guy is coming from! It is of course pretentious but that's part of the game, aye? Filled with energy and great dialogue, witty lines and many references. The Keaton / Allen dynamics works great. And Allen's New York is still just that, perfect. Great potential for rewatch."
90 91% Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2019) - Aug 03, 2020
"Movies like these, which spread ideas for the betterment of our little lives, should be a top priority for anyone to watch. It's really no secret anymore that wealth inequality is the reason behind any major clashes between different peoples, sides of ... non-elite. Why risk us turning against them, the real problem? It is in their prime interest to hold the status quo. Panama papers? Investigative journalists dead. Irish sandwich? Taxation of the 1%? Nonsense. I hope the future brings realizati"
85 71% Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) - Aug 03, 2020
"Hey, this movie actually crawls under your skin! It's rather easy going and needs a bit of time for character development but it's enjoyable. It's a no everlasting classic and characters are in reality probably bunch of macho assholes but hey, that's why we've got movies, eh? I would love to see this again in many years."
75 31% Killing Them Softly (2012) - Aug 03, 2020
"The ending monologue is truer than ever and I liked some of the subtle points in the movie... Or maybe not so subtle. Otherwise some very skillful shooting and scenery and it put a lot of hope in Dominik for any future films he might be directing. Some actor synergy just didn't feel right and could've been a more fitting cast. Pitt and Gandolfini are great as always. It is raw and brutal when it needs to be. Also, "America is not a country, America is a business"."
60 6% Motherless Brooklyn (2019) - Aug 03, 2020
"Music is good and some noir-style scenery too, otherwise feels a rather dull movie. Shallow even. What's with twitching character again, Ed? One of those rare movies I couldn't watch in one take and honestly I just don't feel to analyze the movie in depth because nothing seemed to work perfectly even though everything was executed on a good level."
70 19% Messi (2014) - Aug 03, 2020
"Not my kind of documentary but it's interesting to see people who are involved in football professionally or with their hearts talk about one of the best footballers so far. Interesting take but something you watch mmmaybe once."
74 29% The Cider House Rules (1999) - Jun 11, 2020
"Classic second era 90's movie. I enjoyed it, sure, but it's one of those movies that's too nice and could barely take any inspiration from. Nothing wrong with that, sometimes a thing like that comes in your life and you should just accept it, enjoy it. Cast is wonderful. Everything feels too polished, too perfect."
90 91% Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - Jun 11, 2020
"I can't give a proper review because apparently I forgot to rate this movie when I watched a year or two ago. But it rocked my ass and it was awesome, that much I remember."