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90 95% My Cousin Vinny (1992) - Rated 26 May 2012
"I don't know why I love this movie so much.I saw this a long time ago, when I did not know the difference between 'story' and 'script' and invariably kept my brain shut and was not exposed to 'world cinema' blah blah...There is something very sincere and naive about this movie that tugs at my heart. It will always be a sweet, little, perfect movie I can watch again and again and recommend to everyone. Fun and Funny from beginning to end. Marisa is The Bomb,ably supported by Joe & everyone else."
75 54% The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Rated 26 May 2012
"The best hulk-till Marc Ruffalo did his amazing turn in 'The Avengers'!"
70 37% Drag Me to Hell (2009) - Rated 26 May 2012
"This deserves a category of its own-horror comedy? Horredy? Or Comor? In any case, I was just surfing through channels late one night when started watching this and sat through till the end, sometimes laughing out loud! And sometimes, terrorized to the bone! Nice one."
85 84% Die Hard (1988) - Rated 26 May 2012
"Bruce Willis, Marry Me, Please?"
80 74% Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008) - Rated 26 May 2012
"Delightful, Charming, Sweet, Girly, Fun, Flirty, Frothy, Kinda-mindless, On the Toes, Eminently watchable multiple times. One of the few period movies that have managed to capture my attention from beginning to end and not put me to sleep. Rooting for Frances McDormand throughout, everybody else just supports her."
25 0% Immortals (2011) - Rated 26 May 2012
"You Are Kidding Me, Right?"
95 98% Inception (2010) - Rated 26 May 2012
"Story, Screenplay, Direction, Background Score, Acting-top to bottom every department is top notch. Watching this movie is akin to getting one's brain jammed in a juicer and put through a roller coaster machine, dunked 10,000 feet in water and then thrown into space. I remember the day I saw it in the theater, My friend went to the restroom and came back annoyed because people were arguing about the ending in the stalls!"
80 74% Zombieland (2009) - Rated 26 May 2012
"Hated zombies before watching this one. Sat through it absolutely riveted and laughing hard. Expecting to watch it again and enjoy it thoroughly. Still hate zombies."
55 5% The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) - Rated 26 May 2012
"A Vast-Vast Improvement on its predecessor-in terms of makeup (look at their eyes!), costumes (Finally, the lead pair is NOT wearing the same shirt in half the movie), acting (okay, there wasn't any improvement here-but hey, kristen anyway looks depressed all the time and here she is actually expected to look depressed-miracle of miracles!) and finally, a movie that presents the Glorious Male Body as a sexual object-yummmm, give me some more shots of those 6 packs in the rain :D"
50 3% Twilight (2008) - Rated 26 May 2012
"Rather than waste time and space enumerating on all anti-feminist, anti-girls, anti-human points the story operates on plus everything that is ghastly/laughable about the movie (makeup, costumes, just about anything)-let me clearly declare this is one of my guilty pleasures for 2 reasons-the earnestness with which the actors try to bring seriousness to their roles amidst the pitiful dialogues (come on, you can see them trying HARRRRRRDDDDDD) and the soundtrack-brilliant!"