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80 92% The Lighthouse (2019) - Rated 12 Jan 2020
"A truly memorable, nightmarish and mesmerizing vision of seclusion and creeping madness. Great, strong performances from Dafoe and Pattinson."
70 76% Sorry We Missed You (2019) - Rated 11 Nov 2019
"A bleak depiction of a British family struggling to make a living and grow their kids in a world where employees don't seem to have any rights or free time. The only glimpses of light are brought by the human interactions. But how long can one stay humane in a society like this? It's a great, realistic and subtle film, with some brilliant acting."
80 92% Joker (2019) - Rated 06 Oct 2019
"The most humane story of a comic book character I've seen. It doesn't glorify violence or mental illness, but makes them feel heartbreakingly inevitable. It's a topical and important film. Comparisons to the Taxi Driver are not far fetched."
60 54% Toy Story 4 (2019) - Rated 17 Sep 2019
"It's a charming movie, but emotionally not as powerful as the previous films. It has quite a few new characters, some of them more memorable than others. It's definitely not a letdown, and has many hilarious moments, like Forky and his existential crisis."
50 36% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Rated 01 Sep 2019
"The least violent and eventful of Tarantino's films, which isn't a bad thing. The story is meandering and occasionally feels pretty pointless. The film takes a long time to build up, and after that the finale was a bit disappointing. The acting, however, is great, and somewhat makes up for the excessive duration."
60 54% Midsommar (2019) - Rated 28 Jul 2019
"It's an ambitious Wicker Man-wannabe, with mostly decent acting, nice camera-work, special effects and music. The drama involving Dani's family and the strained relationship was sadly forgotten in the end. I guess you just have to watch some people get sacrificed, in order to get over a tragedy??"
50 36% The Lion King (2019) - Rated 18 Jul 2019
"Visually it's impressive and the voice acting is great but the CGI doesn't benefit the film in any way. The lacking facial expressions of the animals make it feel like you're watching a nature documentary."
30 11% Yesterday (2019) - Rated 08 Jul 2019
"The film doesn't take the main idea very far. Instead, it tells a simple story of a man who suddenly gains fame. Soon he realizes that it's not what he wants after all, because love is all you need, I guess... and the Beatles. Very mediocre and forgettable."
75 85% Get Out (2017) - Rated 04 Jul 2019
"Fun thriller mixing horror, comedy and social satire. Smart films like this are sadly very rare."
70 76% Personal Shopper (2016) - Rated 30 Jun 2019
"Texting ghosts(?), mediums, high fashion and Kristen Stewart being almost tolerable. It's an interesting mixture of different genres and themes. Tone is subtle, and the cinematography neutral and simple. It's a nice film, with only minor flaws, like the overly long texting scenes."