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T9 America (2014) - 22 May 2016
T3 Mr. Right (2016) - 22 May 2016
"Max Landis is the worst writer in Hollywood currently"
T6 I Am Wrath (2016) - 07 May 2016
T3 Deadpool (2016) - 09 Apr 2016
T3 Daddy's Home (2015) - 09 Mar 2016
T2 Funny People (2009) - 03 Mar 2016
T3 Sisters (2015) - 03 Feb 2016
T6 Boondocks (2005) - 18 Jan 2016
"Has occasional moments of brilliance but never really kept my attention to where I was excited to watch another episode. Loved the MLK episode "Black Entertainment Television is the worst thing I've seen in my life!" And Uncle Ruckus is a hilarious character."
T1 Suffragette (2015) - 17 Jan 2016
"Historically inaccurate, stupid, and anti-man. Terrible movie. Ben Shapiro sums it up better than I ever could: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHmytdLVn5w&t=4m40s More leftist propaganda."
T1 Making a Murderer (2015) - 17 Jan 2016
"Tries to be Paradise Lost but the problem is that it's horribly dishonest and leaves out huge details to paint this narrative of this "aww shucks" hillbilly who got fucked by the government. Truth is, Steven Avery is a sociopath who murdered Teresa Halbach with 100% certainty. I encourage you to read about his other crimes which include molesting his own family member and lighting a cat on fire just because. If you fell for this, congrats, now you see why film is used as propaganda."