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Member Since: Oct 23, 2008

Location: Lichtstad, tarwebrood@hotmail, Netherlands

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20 3% Rejected (2000) - Oct 31, 2008
"trash with a bit or artistic value, but still trash."
85 84% Crusade in Jeans (2006) - Apr 11, 2009
"Seeing people care for other people earned this movie a few extra points. This family/kids film has little else to offer to please the spoiled criticker. Luckily I'm not that spoiled, and I enjoyed it all the way."
40 12% Impact (2008) - Jun 12, 2011
"Combining the elements of some good movies together doesn't make a good movie by itself. stereotypical, over-exaggerated, unrealistic. Junk."
86 87% Dave (1993) - Nov 20, 2010
"re-seen at 20-11-2010, still great & heartwarming. Quote of a friend of Dave who looks over the national budget: "Who does these books? If i'd handle finances this way with my bussiness, I would have been bankrupt many times!""
30 7% 10.5: Apocalypse (2006) - Jul 19, 2009
"If you like action after action, fear, screaming, disasters, us army blowing things up, unrealism or if you hate thinking about what you see, see it. I made a mistake watching it, could have done something more usefull than watching this crap, like sleeping."
100 99% The Chorus (2004) - Oct 23, 2008
"The touching story itself will pinch trough even the thickest armour, but the addition of the singing makes it a real masterpiece."
0% The Passion of the Christ (2004) - Oct 23, 2008
"What was this movie about? Jesus, or blood, blood & even more blood? Probably Gibson put as much violence & gore as possible into it to 'aid' christians in remembering this movie as 'very confronting'. The amount of violence, blood, guts & gore made the movie very shocking, and those things will unfortunately be better rememberend than the story of jesus itself."
10 1% The Magic Roundabout (2005) - Dec 13, 2009
"Oh my GOD! was this BAD! I had to see trough the full length of the movie to be sure it was not just JUNK but COMPLETE JUNK and to be able to give an honest opinion about it here. Totally not suitable for everyone above the age of 3yrs old. The graphics are nice though, but spending your time watching a concrete wall would have been far more amusing than watching this to the end."
96 98% Oldboy (2003) - Oct 23, 2008
"Great original plot, nice action, but they didn't overdo it. Have you also seen 'the eye' (original asian version, not the 2008 one)?"
30 7% Alice in Wonderland (2010) - Sep 13, 2010
"13-9-2010 visuals ok, rest is a terrible mess. rating it just to remember never to watch it again"