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I rank everything 1 because I hate ranking. I'm not nearly consistent enough and I always have to revise. I save my opinions for the mini-review.

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1 Before Midnight (2013) - Rated 30 Jun 2013
"Much like the prequel, Before Midnight is a stunningly perfect film, with potentially the greatest dialogue ever (and lots of it too). If this is capping a trilogy, then it's a great way to do it. Really, I can't gush enough. What a flawless film, I'm amazed how much I've come to care for these characters. In the running for the best of 2013, for sure. Score is not a grade."
1 Berberian Sound Studio (2012) - Rated 30 Jun 2013
"Would love to say I enjoyed this more than I did, but it never really grabbed me and I found it unsatisfying, both on a thematic and narrative level. Score is not a grade."
1 Before Sunset (2004) - Rated 30 Jun 2013
"I wasn't too hot about Before Sunrise, but I'll be frank here: Before Sunset is fucking brilliant, and alone could be used to justify the entire medium of film. It's so naturalistic and flawless, and the characters are so endearing, that if I could take only one movie to watch for the rest of my life, I'm not saying this is it - but it would certainly be in the running. Masterpiece. Score is not a grade."
1 Before Sunrise (1995) - Rated 30 Jun 2013
1 Rosemary's Baby (1968) - Rated 30 Jun 2013
1 Jack Reacher (2012) - Rated 30 Jun 2013
"One genuinely great car chase and the old Cruise charm. That is precisely what is of value here. Otherwise... blegh. Score is not a grade."
1 Memories of Murder (2003) - Rated 30 Jun 2013
1 Crank (2006) - Rated 30 Jun 2013
1 This Is the End (2013) - Rated 30 Jun 2013
1 Groundhog Day (1993) - Rated 30 Jun 2013