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79 71% Poor Things (2023) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
92 93% The Holdovers (2023) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
80 72% The Flash (2023) - Rated 01 Apr 2024
"I was going to check out after the falling babies scene, but then realized it wasn't taking itself seriously the entire film. Especially once Miller interacts with his 18-year-old self, I did laugh at quite a few gags and plot turns till the end. It's message about the "multiverse" is apropos considering this definitely spells the end of this iteration of Flash (too bad about Miller's personal issues), and possibly the end of this DCU Justice League."
0% Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) - Rated 02 Jan 2021
"This is a spoiled cherry on top of the turd cake that was the year 2020. What a grave disappointment after a stellar first movie. Why go for extreme campiness (the plot, the action, the characters) after the deeply touching WWI story worked so well? I love the 80s but it serves little to no purpose as the setting. So many missed opportunities."
83 78% Soul (2020) - Rated 02 Jan 2021
"This takes the emotional concepts explored in Inside Out to a much deeper level of what it means to be human and wraps it around a very heartful character arc. I enjoyed Inside Out more, but this still packed a heavy punch. Loved the music and animation."
85 81% Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Rated 23 May 2020
"What post-Endgame MCU needed: quick-paced light-hearted fun with layers of critique on CG-saturated superhero flicks that place a toll on the creative needs of filmmakers and audiences. I am so looking forward to an equally fun critique of modern-day media with the next installment in this revitalized franchise of my favorite superhero."
85 81% 1917 (2019) - Rated 13 Apr 2020
"An entertaining ride that is more than a one-shot gimmick."
98 99% Joker (2019) - Rated 13 Apr 2020
"Economic anxiety, wealth inequality, crumbling institutions, mental illness, media obsession, childhood neglect, bullying, youth gangs, toxic masculinity, gun control, "incels", etc. How can you not side with Arthur's story on why he became the Joker? The beauty of the film is that it can live outside the Batman universe, and remain universal. This character is nearly a century old and we still don't know his true origin. This film tells us it doesn't matter. Look in the mirror. We're all Joker."
95 97% Parasite (2019) - Rated 13 Apr 2020
"Comedy, horror, tragedy all wrapped around universal class struggle. It deserves all the praise and awards it received."