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Children of the Corn () TV Movie

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It's 1975, and a young married couple - Vietnam vet Burt and preacher's daughter Vicki are driving cross-country straight into the heartland of Hell. Here in Gatlin, Nebraska, the town's bloodthirsty children - led by the boy preacher Isaac and his teen enforcer Malachai - have slaughtered all adults by command of He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Now two new Outlanders have arrived...and The Time Of Sacrifice is at hand. (

Genre: Horror

Franchise: Children of the Corn

AKA: Stephen King's Children of the Corn

Country: USA

Directed By: Donald P. Borchers

Written By: Stephen King, Donald P. Borchers

Starring: David Anders, Daniel Newman, Preston Bailey, Kandyse McClure, Ryan Bertroche, Jake White, Austin Dreher, Alexa Nikolas