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Neo Yokio (2017-) TV Series

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Kaz Kaan, a demon slayer in Neo Yokio, deals with demons, shopping, field hockey, and romance with the help of his mech butler and his friends. (by TychoCelchuu)

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Date User Score
Apr 23 Brenden82
65 9%
Apr 04 RavynLoony RavynLoony
29 14%
Jan 21 mahvolus
70 58%
Nov 17, 2017 MetaCritic2 MetaCritic2
63 52%
Nov 09, 2017 izwt936g
48 39%
Nov 07, 2017 Bea Bea
7 40%
Nov 04, 2017 JakeAesthete JakeAesthete
47 47%
Maybe if I actually gave a shit/knew anything about anime I'd be able to appreciate more of what this was trying to do (I feel like there are levels to the comedy that I'm missing due to my lack of familiarity with anime tropes), but just taken on the premise of "Whit Stillman movie but anime" I'm pretty onboard with it. It feels in keeping with the stuff Koenig has been singing about for years. Schwartzman's line delivery alone can make almost anything funny.
Oct 29, 2017 tactjack
57 33%
Oct 19, 2017 anaskvit anaskvit
70 27%
Oct 13, 2017 Oktay Oktay
50 12%
Oct 07, 2017 OMGFridge OMGFridge
1 9%
First chance I gave it, I lasted 5 minutes. The next, I was 5 minutes into the second episode. A stir fry experience where every flavor doesn't match.
Oct 05, 2017 ronen2
35 29%
Oct 03, 2017 PendejoJorge PendejoJorge
80 89%
Neo Yokio exists within a permanently ironic state where irony loses all meaning. Thus, it masterfully blends the art of Japanese animation with the philosophical insights of one Jaden Smith. With such masterful writing behind such splendid animation, we also get the wonderous voice acting of Jaden himself, who overwhelms the viewer with his wide range of emotions. Not since The Room have we seen such perfection displayed on our TV screens. Filmmakers, video game devs and chefs should take note!
Oct 03, 2017 Ocelot Ocelot
15 9%
this is like an in-joke for a group of people that doesn't exist. just an absolute misfire on every level. the brainchild of someone who grew up with anime but for some reason is compelled to both appropriate it and mock it under some flimsy guise of subversion (sees Created By: Ezra Koenig) ah! Well then,
Sep 30, 2017 brunonar
36 2%
Sep 29, 2017 Anomaly1 Anomaly1
34 9%
Just saying the words "Jaden Smith anime" is enough to sum what you're going to get, but they don't quite capture the depths of uncanny valley wrongness this invokes. The jokes and emotional beats are so far from funny and inspiring that one is left stunned by the attempted vision here. The animation, and even just the character designs, repulse the eyes. Truly "The Room" of anime.
Sep 29, 2017 EmlynSquare EmlynSquare
55 55%
Sep 27, 2017 heyimdylan moss piglet
4 31%
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