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Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds () TV Special

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Comedian/writer/actor Pete Holmes shares his hilarious insights into life's most absurd moments in this stand-up comedy special. (imdb)

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

Directed By: Marcus Raboy

Written By: Pete Holmes

Starring: Pete Holmes

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Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds belongs to 2 collections
1. Standup Comedy (public: moderated by mpowell - 22 stars)
2. Availability: CraveTV (Canada) (public: moderated by geohawk)
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Date User Score
May 12 orium orium
80 62%
Feb 27 MontyCircus MontyCircus
40 37%
Tuned in because of his great show "Crashing". Of the bits, "Green Eggs and Ham" was alright, but "Double Snakes" was the only wonderful bit. That really had me going. A lot fell flat for me though, almost as if he was forgot his act and was just ad-libbing off the top of his head.
Jan 22 cdub12
66 45%
Jan 01 estragon
70 65%
Nov 17, 2017 brickwall brickwall
65 53%
His happiness is infectious
Aug 06, 2017 twincinema twincinema
85 86%
Pete Holmes is my favourite comedian, so it's no surprise that I loved this.
May 20, 2017 babaracus babaracus
7 43%