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90 T8 George of the Jungle (1997) - Nov 19, 2017
"Far better than your PSI would have you believe. This is a clever, breezy, good-natured comedy with fun performances and some genuinely hilarious scenes."
90 T8 Blue Bloods (2010) - Nov 17, 2017
"More intelligent and mature than your average cop show, and the family dynamic is well done."
80 T4 Excel Saga (1999) - Nov 16, 2017
80 T4 Love Hina (2000) - Nov 16, 2017
80 T4 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) - Nov 12, 2017
"The effects are cool (for the time), but everything else is strictly middle-of-the-road Disney stuff. Tolerable but unremarkable."
75 T3 Honey I Blew Up the Kid (1992) - Nov 12, 2017
"Dumb and overly-cutesy, but harmless. There are a couple laughs and some good effects, but not much more. Not as terrible as the scores here would have you believe."
10 T1 Dragonball Evolution (2009) - Nov 11, 2017
"Dreck 'n fail, see? lol"
75 T3 The Good Son (1993) - Nov 09, 2017
"This movie is the perfect example of what Roger Ebert called the Idiot Plot, one where everything would be resolved in about 10 minutes if all the characters weren't idiots."
85 T6 Miss Congeniality (2000) - Nov 09, 2017
"Honestly not that bad. Smarter and funnier than I expected it to be, and the cast is excellent. I know! I'm shocked, too!"
80 T4 Sing (2016) - Nov 07, 2017
"A movie cynically reverse-engineered from every "talking animals", "jukebox musical", and "artistic competition" movie you've ever seen. It obviously doesn't have an original idea in its head, but it has just enough amusing bits to be tolerable."