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Bio: I used to make movies and now I make comics.

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75 T4 Wind River (2017) - Oct 06, 2017
"Cry me a wind river. This was more of a tear jerker than a thriller. It's full of great performances, and nothing too Hollywoodsy or bombastic in the storytelling (relative to the rest of the fare out there)."
70 T3 Life (2017) - Jun 11, 2017
"I went into this not knowing a thing. It could have been about the board game for all I knew. It has the same old plot contrivances and lack of character development that plague so many movies of this genre, but that's the thing - I didn't know what genre movie I was getting into, which made it more fun."
60 T2 Split (2017) - Mar 29, 2017
"Good vehicle for an actor to practice many roles, and McAvoy delivers. The first 20 minutes show promise and then soon enough the movie dawdles and meanders as purposely as a toddler in a mall. No real surprises or twists. I was a bit disappointed. Though, don't get me wrong -- worlds better than Lady in the Water."
75 T4 Get Out (2017) - Mar 22, 2017
"I would never imagine that a comedy person could direct a tense movie like this. What a bizarre horror/thriller, or whatever you wanna call it. High marks for originality."
75 T4 The Visit (2015) - Feb 26, 2017
"All the bad rapping aside, I found this to be an entertaining little horror thriller. M. Night is back!"
85 T9 Manchester by the Sea (2016) - Feb 20, 2017
"This is probably my second favourite movie of 2016 after Everybody Wants Some. Casey Affleck was perfect, and the story was told masterfully. The kid Patrick (Lucas Hedges) will definitely get the statue for best supporting actor."
75 T4 The Edge of Seventeen (2016) - Feb 20, 2017
"The best teen angst movie I've seen in a while, and that's mostly owed to the writers and performers. I will say that Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) does get pretty annoying to watch, but very much the same way my sister (when she was seventeen) was an intolerable navel-gazing drama queen. Marks for authenticity, and some good comedy throughout."
80 T6 Moonlight (2016) - Feb 14, 2017
"Like Boyhood but with different actors playing Chiron. The odds are set against this protagonist - black, gay, drug addict mother. I enjoyed the way this was shot (and edited), and for its poignant final scene."
80 T6 Hacksaw Ridge (2016) - Feb 14, 2017
"Andrew Garfield is an excellent actor. I've known this since I saw him in The Social Network. Some of the best bootcamp and battle sequences I've seen in a while. Charming to see Aussies and Brits playing Americans."
65 T2 Passengers (2016) - Feb 14, 2017
"Excellent (albeit controversial) premise, awesome set design and visuals without personality and a hackneyed ending. File this under: Could Have Been Good."