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20 T2 Samurai Cop (1991) - Apr 24, 2017
"Who will ever be able to forget the "black gift"?"
60 T6 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) - Apr 24, 2017
"The movie was kind of predictable, and these wizards were kind of jerks to the good people of New York City"
10 T1 The Dragon Lives Again (1977) - Apr 16, 2017
"Still had a better Bond in it than Pierce Brosnan"
10 T1 Cry Wilderness (1987) - Apr 16, 2017
"I hope Bigfoot doesn't get the diabetes from all that Coke."
20 T2 Reptilicus (1961) - Apr 16, 2017
"Man, those Scandinavians were even pretty chill about a giant reptile destroying their homes."
30 T3 Shivaay (2016) - Apr 07, 2017
"Someone's phone alert kept going off, and they left the sound in the movie. Weird. Oh, and SMOKING KILLS (as well as movies that pad themselves by an hour)."
100 T10 Logan (2017) - Apr 07, 2017
"Wow. Way to go out on top, Jackman. And they made X-23 just as awesome as in the comics."
40 T4 Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016) - Feb 26, 2017
"Pretty graphics, but if the story is barely comprehensible to someone who played through the game first, what hope is there for humanity at large?"
100 T10 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Jan 27, 2017
"A timely and memorable film, one of the best of the series"
100 T10 Arrival (2016) - Jan 26, 2017
"A film that produces interesting and useful conversations. Brilliant."