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Flick Fan - 24 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 17, 2020

Location: USA

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70 41% Ransom (1996) - Feb 18, 2020
"As most of Mel Gibson's movies, it starts out with a really interesting plot that he turns into a "Look at how tough I am," piece of junk. It's a shame the man can't let a script do its work."
15 10% Blades of Glory (2007) - Feb 18, 2020
"If you love Will Ferrell, don't waste your money on this one."
92 72% Children of Men (2006) - Feb 18, 2020
"Fairly believable futuristic story of desperate times enlightened by a tiny spark of hope. Entertaining without insulting the viewer's intelligence too much."
78 52% Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) - Feb 18, 2020
"I spent much of the time lamenting Liz Taylor's entire appearance and Sandy Dennis' teeth. I kept wishing they would speed the story up and get to the ending."
2% Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Feb 17, 2020
"This film really pissed me off. I have managed to avoid most Disney stories for years. I am dragged into this one and I am horrified at the license the writers took with the story. Fairy tales teach kids lessons about life. This one removed the essence entirely. The original story teaches that we should not be greedy; should not judge on appearance; that it is important to be kind to all. It does not exist in this film and killed it for me. It's what I hate about Disney films. Disney Sucks."
98 79% The Way We Were (1973) - Feb 17, 2020
"My favorite tear jerker. Everyone has one because the plot parallels their own life in some manner. This is mine. Every plot point is believable and each time I watch it, I want the end to be different."
98 79% Gone with the Wind (1939) - Feb 17, 2020
"I adore this film for the inspiration it instilled in me to be a strong woman on my own terms. The story is great and there is something that nearly everyone can identify with in it. Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh could never be replaced in this film once you've read the book."
99 91% Casino (1995) - Feb 17, 2020
"Sharon Stone's BEST movie. Great plot. Feast for the eyes. Stone's wardrobe is legendary. DeNiro and Pesci feed masterfully off each other. One of my faves."
10 6% Blue Collar (1978) - Feb 17, 2020
"Ridiculous premise. Waste of great talent. Shame, shame, shame."
70 41% The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) - Feb 17, 2020
"Compelling drama. Beautifully made. Casting isn't exactly believable, but could be worse. Watch it if you can."