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Movie Buff - 460 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 7, 2020

Bio: 5---know enough to know I will not voluntarily watch it / 10---hate it / 15---actively dislike it / 20---passively didn't like it / 25---meh / 30---just okay / 35---passively liked it / 40---actively like it / 45---really like it / 50---love it

ratings are enjoyment irrespective of quality

cheating a little bit with the 5s because I'm trying to get my neutral scores to a more neutral percentile. I don't rank movies I just think I won't like a 5, and only rank ones I learned a fair amount about
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15 13% Mr. Mercedes (2017) - Dec 06, 2021
"it wanted so, so badly to be a real network TV series that people talk about next morning at the water cooler, but like the edgy kind. sadly (or fortunately, as it made it tolerably humorous) it is as believably scary as a mid-2000s teen with arm warmers and smiley faces with x's for eyes "
40 79% Black Swan (2010) - Dec 05, 2021
"turns out the real ballet was the movie all along / turns out the real mirror was inside us all along / turns out the real happy ending---I'm sorry, I'll stop "
41 88% Ramy (2019) - Dec 04, 2021
40 79% Steven Universe: The Movie (2019) - Dec 04, 2021
"some genuine bops in this one. I wish I would have had this when I was a kid, and not just because then I'd know better than to call it a bop. that's behind the times now, right? I'm uncool but this isn't, is what I'm saying "
40 79% Steven Universe (2013) - Dec 04, 2021
40 79% Guns Akimbo (2020) - Nov 16, 2021
"okay, so I guess I did ask for a darker Truman Show..... "
15 13% Friends (1994) - Nov 04, 2021
"I was subjected to this by a younger ex-step-sibling who couldn't stand to even take a trip to the grocery store without it playing along the way. the grocery store"
10 10% Christmas with the Kranks (2004) - Nov 04, 2021
"would honestly have been hilarious if they really committed to how awful the neighborhood is"
50 98% The Swan Princess (1994) - Nov 04, 2021
"yes, I know. no, I don't care. just let me have this"
35 56% Hocus Pocus (1993) - Nov 02, 2021
"who cares about the well being of annoying children protagonists, three weird wyrd sisters in a fish out of water comedy on their quest for the life energy of children is far more compelling and relatable"