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82 20% It's Complicated (2009) - Rated 21 Feb 2010
45 1% Valentine's Day (2010) - Rated 21 Feb 2010
55 3% The Princess and the Frog (2009) - Rated 21 Feb 2010
86 28% Avatar (2009) - Rated 21 Feb 2010
84 25% Precious (2009) - Rated 21 Feb 2010
68 8% Invictus (2009) - Rated 28 Dec 2009
94 51% Fight Club (1999) - Rated 30 Oct 2009
"A hilarious and creative script from the perverse mind of Chuck Palahniuk is brilliantly brought to the screen by David Fincher. Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helena Bonham Carter all do an amazing job with their roles. At times sarcastic or even caustic, the film also has moments that come off as just nihilistic. Overall, an inventive and creative film with a shocking psychological twist."
94 51% Milk (2008) - Rated 30 Oct 2009
"An excellent film by Gus van Sant that chronicles the rise of Harvey Milk, the nation's first openly gay man to serve in public office. The movie is heartfelt with multiple scenes that have the ability to bring the audience to tears. Sean Penn and James Franco have a cute romance, and Josh Brolin plays the slightly disturbed assassin. The film leaves us with a message of hope that Milk wanted to convey even in his darkest hours."
93 44% The Shining (1980) - Rated 30 Oct 2009
"One of my favorite Stephen King films, The Shining is the terrifying tale of one man's descent into madness as he tries to kill his wife and son. The film has an overall creepy tone. I have never been able to look at Jack Nicholson in the same way. Some parts of the film do get a bit slow."