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32 4% The Day After Tomorrow (2004) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"Hey, modern audience, a film where coldness is a villain! Between the "I told you so" politically-patronizing agenda and the hokey cold-kills-all plot, this film is still completely laughable and will be remembered as yet another example of Hollywood's conundrum regarding Dennis Quaid's non-existent fanbase."
43 14% Domino (2005) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"Pretty much insulting. Tony Scott's hyper-gritty, "I forgot to white-balance" palate might make it watchable, but I still think Knightley cannot. And in real life, the woman she plays is actually a bigger, butch girl with a more interesting life."
89 74% Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"While still assimilated into the school of "films for people who think they like good films" club, it's still a really good film if you forget its fan base. Every detail is perfectly articulated both in character and in setting."
92 78% The Silence of the Lambs (1991) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"A film that works on so many levels - one that uses Mulvey's whole male-gendered camera-as-phallus thing to make this a bizarre American Gothic/Women's Melodrama/exploration of gender in modern society and make it creepy and popular, too. Hopkins' Hannibal (in this film only) is still the best villain in cinema. Watchable over and over again."
70 38% Men in Black (1997) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"An OK homoerotic love quadriangle between a crusty white guy, a wise-cracking black guy, a girl that has no business looking at dead bodies and an alien bug in a decomposing Edgar Suit. There's something about Finding a Galaxy, but it's really an excuse for some ingenious physical gags that don't really hold up well over time."
32 4% Men in Black II (2002) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"Completely inane rehash of the same jokes with all the joy sucked out of them. I wanted to be flashy-thinged after leaving the damn theater."
87 70% Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"This is the lesser of the Python films, but that is by no means a bad thing. Probably the most completely memorized film after 'Rocky Horror' by the general populace, it's too bad it's better moments, like the dirt-collecting political philosopher, are overlooked for its moments of Black Knight schticky violence and comedy. But it's still Monty Python."
97 88% City of God (2002) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"One of the best reasons why modern cinema is not dead. Very epic, very personal, and very savage, it is also full of an underlying humanity that propels it into a classic representation of humanity under strain. Simply awesome."
74 46% X-Men (2000) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"Mostly average, but Singer's direction and some great acting scenes with Bruce Davison (yes, him) make it great social commentary. Too bad X3 couldn't touch this one."
98 94% Persona (1966) - Rated 06 Aug 2008
"A very hard film to get into; but once you do, Bergman regulars Ullmann and Andersson will haunt your dreams. Has so much going on in its ruminations on the complexities and ambiguities on personal identity that multiple viewings have not cracked the code, and never will. The similar 'Mulholland Dr.' does less this already did 30 years earlier. Basically, it's beautiful and cryptic, and a personal favorite."