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88 84% Batman Begins (2005) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"Very good action movie coupled with the Batman franchise makes this one of my favorite from recent years. What I like about this, and the Bourne movies is that they aren't completely unbelievable. This leaves X-Men and Spiderman in the dust."
85 65% No Man's Land (2001) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"This movie is not just a drama -- it asks some really important questions. The post-modern undertones bring depth to an already extremely watch-able movie. I highly recommend this movie, particular to students of philosophy or political theory."
85 65% No Country for Old Men (2007) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"Great thriller. Very tense throughout. Lots of violence but a movie is really put together this well these days. Bardem is bone chilling."
85 65% The Castle (1997) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"If you liked Napoleon Dynamite you might just like this. Awkward humor is the name of the game here. Dry wit and sarcastic cracks. Loved it."
80 39% Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"Only thing saving this action-movie from the utterly forgettable heap is the magic of Star Wars. Natalie Portman and Ewan Mcgregor are fighting a losing battle in this one against a flying Yoda and over the top special effects. Still, it is Star Wars and that does say a lot."
78 28% War of the Worlds (2005) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"A reasonable attempt at apocalypse/end of the world genre. I love this kind of movie so perhaps I'm a little biased. But if you're into 28 Days Later, Cloverfield, Children of Men, I am Legend-type movies its worth a look/rental just to see how the aliens are depicted."
85 65% The Departed (2006) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"Only saw it once in theaters. Would like to see it again to get the whole story straight. Definitely worth seeing."
80 39% Black Hawk Down (2001) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"If you ignore the fact that its true and that over 1000 Somalis and something like 15 Americans died during the events depicted, its a good war movie. Lots of gunfire and patriotism. Thrilling and tense."
70 17% Independence Day (1996) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"The quintessential summer Blockbuster. Kind of fun. Kind of satisfying-- in an America-saves-the-day again way. Explosions, aliens, nuclear missiles, Will Smith what more do you want?"
80 39% Juno (2007) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"Funny, sarcastic, witty, sad. There is a message wrapped up in the humor. If you like Knocked Up this is kind of like the other side of the coin. And equally humorous."