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88 86% Her (2013) - Rated 26 Jul 2015
"This film is very interesting. The technology and the world of the film is built brilliantly, placing us in a sort of retro-styled near future - in which we have an unconventional love story play out - which in turn gives us questions about humanity and the future of AI. The performances are outstanding both from Johansson (who isn't physically present) and Phoenix (playing against basically nothing.) A quaint, melancholic and sometimes darkly comic little drama."
79 28% Where the Wild Things Are (2009) - Rated 25 Jul 2015
"This film is quite a wonderful visual spectacle. The shots and the effects are wonderful and the world of the Wild Things is really well built and immersive. I'm unfortunately not someone who read the book (only appreciating it from my studies in illustration) so I feel I may not connect as much with this film as those who did. I also feel I'm too old to relate to it, I found Max too much of a pain to be endeared to but I could see what it was trying to achieve. Lovely film all the same."
88 86% Jurassic World (2015) - Rated 18 Jun 2015
"This is such a dumb film, there's no denying it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think there's an air of self-awareness that forgives the more ludicrous occurrences and it sits in a more contemporary blockbuster role than its more reserved predecessors. Chris Pratt is phenomenal, playing pretty much completely straight with his humour and charm permeating through. It's no thinkpiece, but for awe-levels of the original, it comes close. YEAH, DINOSAURS!"
89 90% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - Rated 10 Jun 2015
"I am by no means a Mad Max expert, so perhaps that affects my opinions, but this film was pretty fantastic. Although the opening suffered a little from what I can only assume was the majority of the budget being devoted to the practical effects in the main body of the film, once it got into the swing of things it was consistently impressive and exciting til the end. I really felt immersed in the universe it established/expanded on and it made some interesting subversions of common action trope"
83 69% Hanna (2011) - Rated 02 May 2015
"This film rather surprised me, actually. I was expecting an action film in the vein of "Taken, but with a 16 y/o girl" and while, yes, there was a lot of action and fighting and murder - there was a very different aesthetic. There is an emphasis on visual style that puts me in mind of the C4 series Utopia. It's like JJ Abrams & Tarantino made a Del Toro film. The non-linear elements of the narrative were also a nice change from being spoonfed a plot - even if the plot wasn't hugely complicated"
82 60% Gone Girl (2014) - Rated 27 Apr 2015
"Even having the major plot-twists spoilt for me didn't ruin this film. It was engaging and well shot and everyone's performances were spot on - even from perennial controversy magnets like Affleck and Perry. My main criticisms would have to be that the first half was very swift (especially character history) and the third act dragged on a little before petering out into nothing. Also, at risk of spoilers, I'll say: manslaughter doesn't go away just because you're a victim."
80 42% Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) - Rated 27 Apr 2015
"As I've said before, Cap is not one of my favourite heroes. (Although this film's sequel does wonders rectifying that.) This film is pretty good - it's excellent in informing the stories of the films after it (Particularly Avengers) but on repeat viewing it does drag a little bit. It's a classic origin story, taking its time to build and establish the character. A little corny at times, but it's a film about the personification of America in WW2 so it can be forgiven for that."
79 28% Thor: The Dark World (2013) - Rated 27 Apr 2015
"While not a terrible film (I've yet to experience a really awful instalment in the MCU) it's not their best fare. There's some good background on character histories and some interesting new insights on Asgard, there's also a lot of impressive visuals and sequences. Ultimately,though it's about as complicated a film as you'd expect from a character who solves everything by smacking it as hard as he can. There's still a lot of fun there, though, one of the more joke filled MCU entries."
90 94% Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Rated 27 Apr 2015
"I was looking forward to this film since the end of the last one, and it didn't disappoint. Which speaks volumes, given my high expectations. Whedon has managed to up the stakes with both action and character development - and the classic Whedon humour has magnified too. This film also sets up Phase 3 nicely with new characters, threads and locales all being introduced. My only qualm is it's very CG heavy and not all was executed as best it could be. Spader steals the show."
85 76% Into the Woods (2014) - Rated 14 Feb 2015
"Having not seen the original show, I can't attest to how well this adaptation translates (some scenes I did feel would have been much more impressive on stage.) I rather enjoyed this film, though it was nothing to rave about in my opinion. Some of the early songs were a little clunky lyrically - but others worked very well. The cast was really great, even the child actors (who often tend to be either amazing or terrible) and I enjoyed the overall comedic air between the heavier scenes."