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78 51% Love Actually (2003) - Aug 10, 2020
"Better than David Lynch's entire career. That INCLUDES his forays into coffee-making."
85 85% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Dec 20, 2016
"Me going in: "I know what I want Star Wars to be (fast, fun, a hint of darkness) and this isn't going to be that." And while Edwards trades in the popcorny thrills of Ep. 7 for something more solemn and adult, about halfway through I found myself REALLY invested in this story and these characters despite their lack of definition (understandable given, well...you know). The finale, while yet ANOTHER variant on the "Jedi" formula, is suitably epic & genuinely moving - one of the series' best."
85 85% Sing Street (2016) - Oct 13, 2016
60 6% Zoolander 2 (2016) - Sep 18, 2016
"I've seen so much terrible shit in half-awake states over the last four months. Collectively they exist as a homogeneous slurry of suck -- fragmental, fever-dream apparitions. It takes quite a bit to stand out from the drek, but this...THIS. JEEZUS CHRIST. So fucking bad. Zero laughs. A huge miscalculation by a fast-tracking-to-irrelevancy Ben Stiller. Stick to the "serious actor" roles in Noah Baumbach films, Ben. This slapsticky rehashes of the early '00s greatest hits isn't working."
77 46% Creed (2015) - Apr 12, 2016
"Started strong but completely stalled out halfway in. It seemed like they were eventually going to develop and expand on the Adonis character, only that never actually happened. For me, he never moves past the "guy with abandonment issues who wants to make his own way" trope. I mean, it's not like Apollo even abandoned him -- he got freaking beat to death. I would have liked this so much more if there was ANY quirk or foible that added even a perfunctory second dimension to his personality."
73 28% The Age of Adaline (2015) - Apr 12, 2016
"Man, I don't know how to rank this. This thing is just not meant for someone like me. 'Twas interesting seeing Harrison Ford in a non-genre or action pic, though, I'll say that. Last time I saw him in such a role you'd probably have to go back to "Working Girl". He definitely seems to "care" more about his performance in this type of movie, even if he really shouldn't bother."
75 37% Zoolander (2001) - Mar 21, 2016
70 22% She's Funny That Way (2014) - Mar 21, 2016
"The best part about this movie is the poster. How Richard Lewis got left out, though, is a mystery to me. Squandered opportunity. Swap Rhys Ifans for Richard Lewis and that poster makes the leap to the next level. As it is, it still features Eugene Levy, Cybill Shephard and the most fucked up misspelling of Imogen ever "Igmongen" (what the fuck??!?!?!). Poots, btw...OH MY GOD, THAT ACCENT THO. You know what? I recommend this; see it for the accent. You will not believe or forget it, I promise."
79 56% I'll See You in My Dreams (2015) - Mar 21, 2016
"The second stop on my "2015 Movies Featuring Sam Elliott in Supporting Roles" mini marathon...this was nice! I will watch anything where Martin Starr plays some variation of the character he always plays. Yeah, Martin Starr is in this and he is VERY Martin Starr, as always. Oh, and I almost forgot the other casting coup...Rhea Perlman!!!! Seriously, Rhea Perlman is in this, no shit."
74 32% Grandma (2015) - Mar 21, 2016
"Lilly Tomlin gets a lifetime pass for "Nashville" and the "I'm Easy" scene at the Exit Inn. And here she is, still working and with most (well, some) of her comedic chops still in tact. Except she has to play the kind of abrasive, rude character that the audience is supposed to find charming (think Bill Murray in "St. Vincent"), which is a big pet peeve of mine. It also pains me to pan anything featuring Sam Elliott, but yet, here I am to tell you that you needn't bother with this."