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90 75% Walker (1987) - Rated 10 Nov 2008
"Best use of ananchronisms in a movie ever. Excellent statement on the relationship between USA and Nicaragua. Fun fact: the Sandanista government approved of this film - as do I"
70 39% Cast Away (2000) - Rated 19 Sep 2008
"Actually not too bad. Hank does not chew the scenary too much, and is really quite affecting. The weak points that grate? Helen Hunt. Constant FedEx product placement. Corporate cheerleading (as usual)."
50 29% The Big Chill (1983) - Rated 19 Sep 2008
"I liked it when I saw it in 83, but in retrospect, I find it less good. I mean, really, do we have to have yuppy angst inflicted upon us? Why should rich bastards have our sympathy? Further, why does everyone like the facile image of the sixties, that of the over-privileged whites, trump the struggles of oppressed peoples of color? What a bunch of dickheads!"
100 93% Casablanca (1942) - Rated 19 Sep 2008
"Awesome film! Who can top Claude Raines' Reynard? Who would not want to be Rick? Rarely has Hollywood done as well."
75 48% American Beauty (1999) - Rated 19 Sep 2008
"Fairly good."
90 75% Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) - Rated 26 Aug 2008
"Just good clean fun."
80 54% The Last Samurai (2003) - Rated 26 Aug 2008
"Watanabe makes this movie as good as it is. Excellent period work, costume, etc. The director even managed to keep Cruise under control - amazing."
90 75% Sleeper (1973) - Rated 26 Aug 2008
"Best adaptation of Wells' "When the Sleeper Wakes" ever done."
75 48% Revenge of the Nerds (1984) - Rated 26 Aug 2008
"Great fun! On the other hand, so many ignoramuses have a twisted view both of college and intelligence because of this movie."
50 29% Nixon (1995) - Rated 26 Aug 2008
"I like Stone's movies (though he tends to get hysterical at times), and I like Hopkins, but Hopkins as Nixon?"